I live in the small hamlet of Somers on the Mornington Peninsula and only discovered photography recently after first picking up a camera in 2004. My first DSLR arrived about a year later and has most recently evolved to a Canon 5D MK11 with various macro and L series lenses.Photography has taught me to see and experience differently and now I wonder how I have lived without looking through a viewfinder. I definitely prefer shooting landscapes but also enjoy nature [mainly macro] and portrait photography.I have enjoyed competitive photography and was really chuffed to eventually win two gold medals in the Vigex international Salon for nature and portrait in 2008 and another gold medal for nature in the 2009 Maitland international Salon.However being a Redbubble admirer for the longest time and seeing the incredible work there has shown me that photography should be a manifestation of yourself and not just what a judge thinks. So to this end I thought it high time I stop being a voyeur and start participating.Regards Mark.
  • Age: 53
  • Joined: September 2009