I have always felt that we are connected to each other and every living thing around us, I believe we need to care about each other more and the world we all live in, I feel if everyone just gave a little more, cared a little more and took a bit more time to appreciate the world around them, that most of the problems we face each and every day would soon disappear.

I hate selfishness, I dislike people who are not genuine and I cannot be bothered with people who live on drama, these are all flaws we can overcome together.

Respect each other, focus on being a person who loves and regards individualism and most of all be compassionate. It is a very easy thing to help all living creatures and if we all work together this world would be a wonderfully warm and caring place to exist.

I worry that compassion is lost and every now and then I feel that we are fighting a losing battle, but then something awful will happen and then human nature kicks in and I realise that people do care, they just get lost in their lives and forget to care until something strong enough comes along and wakes them up.

Live life and love each other, the world needs this, we need this.

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