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Another T-Shirt Sale!

Mr. Baxter has just passed along the good news that I’ve sold another Klaatu Barada Nikto 2 T-Shirt, this time in light blue. That’s the third one in the past couple of weeks, so I suspect there’s a classic Sci-Fi movie fan lurking out there who wishes to share their passion with their loved ones this season. I’m grateful! / Many thanks! / Cheers! / Robert
Posted 9 months – 3 comments

Another Sale!

Wow! Mr. Baxter has just informed me that I’ve sold an iPhone 5/5s Tough case of my work Spumoni! / Many thanks to to the anonymous purchaser for your support. It’s greatly appreciated. / Cheers! / Robert
Posted 9 months – 2 comments

Thank You!

My thanks and appreciation go out to the anonymous Sci-Fi movie fan who purchased a Klaatu Barada Nikto 2 T-Shirt in gold. You’ve made my day, and I’m pretty certain that Gort would be happy too! / Cheers! / Robert
Posted 9 months – 3 comments

Sold Another Phone Case!

I just received an e-mail from Mr. Baxter reporting that I’ve sold another Samsung Galaxy S3 case of my work Burnished! This time an anonymous Androidian purchased a “Tough” version, rather than the snappy “Snap” style, which isn’t tough to take at all! / Many thanks! / Cheers! / Robert
Posted 10 months – 12 comments