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Hope you guys like my I phone cases.

Please feel free to drop a comment, I will do requests if you like. Just drop me a line and ill do my best to give you guys what you like.
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More Chibi Designs for I phone Cases

I hope you guys have been enjoying the designs I have been putting out. I know its not the most detailed or up to date themes you guys might want to see but I sure there is a niche of you out there that enjoy it. Please feel free to write me suggestions on my work and what would you do better that i’m not. I try to design things with a 35 min time limit since i am so busy doing so many thi…
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I phone case characters.

I hope you like the super deformed characters I have been doing for I phone case. I hope you guys out there like it and please give me suggestions on what would you like to see..
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My i-phone Designs

I hope you guys like my character designs. They were originally Mighty Muggs designs so i’m now converting them over to this format. So if you know about them and seen all of them you’ll know whats to come next in my portfolio designs soon.
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