Artist Statement

As a self-taught working artist, I have always believed that we are all blessed with gifts. It’s up to us to recognize and develop them; to what extent we will use those gifts to benefit others that cross our path.

Inspiration comes in all forms and can hit us in the midst of day-to-day life, with a compelling force that is irresistible.

Imagination and creativity can be a demanding mistress; but can push you to achieve beyond what you think you can do, and give you visions into the limitless possibilities of life.


This is an addition to Reynaldo’s Bio:

Since my dear Rey has passed on, I will continue to support his page with writings and works that I have found, including photos and memories he has given me over the years; I will try to maintain his presence here on RB in some way that will honor his genius and keep his friends in mind and heart, as his online life on RB was so very important to him and gave him inspiration to create beautiful things these past few years…Thank you for all your heartfelt comments and support of Rey’s talent; I have enjoyed his success here at a discreet distance, but now I must come forward to carry on his creative legacy; and I hope to do him the justice that he deserves, as his own “Red Bubble” has floated off into the universe to merge with many other talents that have gone before…perhaps to create together in the Paradise that awaits us all beyond the Veil…Catherine (Mrs Reynaldo) <3

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Thank You for the Purchase

I just was looking through Rey’s notifications and saw that some lovely someone purchased some of his work! :) Sorry for the late response! / Thank you to whomever bought the 2 greeting cards; / of "The Sun The Bee and The Babe " / and “Mexican Chair and Titles” (one of my favorites) / Sincerely, Mrs Reynaldo (Cathy Aburto)
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A Video Tribute from Matty B Duran for Reynaldo

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Reynaldo, a man of Vision...

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Mary, Thank you for this Honor of Reynaldo's work...Cathy

The Naked Kiss / by Reynaldo
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