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My 1st QWERTEE sub & 1st Star wars design.

Well… my first solely Star wars themed design lol, spongeboba fett was a crossover! :P

Greedo’s Shooting Academy.

The most prestigious academy in the galaxy, never be caught on the losing side of a firefight, learn to master your speed and accuracy, make sure you shoot first!

As always any votes appreciated!!! :D

Aussie's might recognize this joke :]

Making fun of a brand I’ve seen around for ages, and the new “reboot” of it with the flaming farting dog I’m seeing everywhere lately gave me this idea lol, posted it up on the new tee site for scoring.

Any votes appreciated =]

I'm up to 99 designs! 100 on the horizon...

100 is in the works, well a few are actually, depends which I finish first gets the honour :D

And happy bday to Pac-man the other day!, big 30! I made a design coincidentally featuring pac-man for my 99th tee on RB, not knowing it was his bday lol, for a retro game contest (& as always any and all votes appreciated guys :D)

Now… on to 200 =]

Up for scoring - things that go BOOM!

This was exhausting, but worth it in the end, plus I have a lot of vectors I can use for future works :D

Any votes/comments greatly appreciated as always.

And like I said on threadless, feel free to point out any famous bombs I may have missed, or try to guess all the movies/tv shows these are from? ;P