A warning to all artists.

One thing I hate worse than an “artist” stealing your design to sell as their own, is when they flat out deny stealing it, and even worse than that is when they ignore all proper legal notices they get served like it’s all a joke and continue to sell your work.

They claim the similarities are all coincidence and they thought up these ideas and designs all themselves…

I am referring to (and CEO bill kingston), who claim that they did not copy/steal any designs, ideas or just simply remade them with small changes.

But in my honest opinion after speaking to their CEO directly, they are full of shit, and know full well they rip off other designs, they are well known by lots of other real artists, here’s a couple direct quotes from various …

Didn't take long...

Some of my designs have finally been ripped off… and a rather pathetic attempt at that, if you change the default colour you quickly see how terrible the extraction was, jagged and pixelated, 5 second magic wand most likely… they say it’s flattering when someone rips you off, I don’t really get that :S

Pirate service announcement

I did see other redbubble works on there, might wanna check out the site just incase..


Got some things lying about I no longer really need, thought I’d advertise them here too.

Playstation 2 slim, great condition, all cords, memory card, 1 controller (sorry used to borrow a friends too and they wanted it back lol), 9 games, all work fine:
Timesplitters 1 & 3, Grand theft auto: San andreas, Burnout 3, Burnout dominator, Alone in the dark: new nightmare, Myst 3 Exile, Mortal Kombat deception.
$ 180 o.n.o (price includes postage)

TV tuner for your Desktop/laptop.
Used to use this until my new pc had one built in, it works great, pause/rewind/record live TV, gets radio channels too.
I can’t find the original disc that was with it, but I have the exact same programs/drivers available from their website to direct you to for download, so no worries there.
$35 o.n.o (fre…

RB was routed! THIEVES! Might find one of your designs here STOLEN!

I had a geez at these sites that steal art from RB, just checkin if they stole some of mine (thankfully nothing yet), found some familiar designs, still lookin though…

Some seem to be taken down already, probably by the artist already busting them?

Plenty of tee’s ive seen elsewhere too, the whole site needs to be investigated!

this one is listed but wont come up when i click on it? :| maybe they got busted

might be taken down now?

link to another i think is from rb?

Feel free to post more :| so many…, plus if anybody has put their tees on there deliberately feel free to tell me lol

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait