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Teefury - October 5th!

Stoked to finally be back on teefury, this time with a very special print :D

Posting this a tad early as I will not be online to post it closer to the actual print time, (that being about 12 hours from now), so make a reminder so you don’t miss out on this print as it will not be available again!

Buy me on October 5th @
Perfect halloween gift, or just for anyone after a cool glow in the dark tee :D

A warning to all artists.

One thing I hate worse than an “artist” stealing your design to sell as their own, is when they flat out deny stealing it, and even worse than that is when they ignore all proper legal notices they get served like it’s all a joke and continue to sell your work.

They claim the similarities are all coincidence and they thought up these ideas and designs all themselves…

I am referring to (and CEO bill kingston), who claim that they did not copy/steal any designs, ideas or just simply remade them with small changes.

But in my honest opinion after speaking to their CEO directly, they are full of shit, and know full well they rip off other designs, they are well known by lots of other real artists, here’s a couple direct quotes from various …

My first RIPT print coming soon!

The great guys over at RIPT have chosen one of my designs to print :D my first time there, so if you want to pick up my “Greedo’s shooting academy” for $10 then don’t forget! :D

$10, 24 hours, 15th of August, starting at 12:00AM CST (3pm Sydney time)
T-shirts, hoodies, kids shirts.

Details below:

Thanks RIPT!

My 1st QWERTEE sub & 1st Star wars design.

Well… my first solely Star wars themed design lol, spongeboba fett was a crossover! :P

Greedo’s Shooting Academy.

The most prestigious academy in the galaxy, never be caught on the losing side of a firefight, learn to master your speed and accuracy, make sure you shoot first!

As always any votes appreciated!!! :D

Aussie's might recognize this joke :]

Making fun of a brand I’ve seen around for ages, and the new “reboot” of it with the flaming farting dog I’m seeing everywhere lately gave me this idea lol, posted it up on the new tee site for scoring.

Any votes appreciated =]

Website design?

Hey guys, just wondering if there’s anybody out there familiar with website design/coding etc?

Thinking of getting a site going, just wanted to get some tips/advice on how to go about it, and if it’s even worth it? for sales etc, I did find how to buy the domain name which is pretty cheap, but the rest I’m unfamiliar with.

Cheers for any info.

Didn't take long...

Some of my designs have finally been ripped off… and a rather pathetic attempt at that, if you change the default colour you quickly see how terrible the extraction was, jagged and pixelated, 5 second magic wand most likely… they say it’s flattering when someone rips you off, I don’t really get that :S

Pirate service announcement

I did see other redbubble works on there, might wanna check out the site just incase..

Teefury design for $9! (double pancakes! woot)

Pirate Service Announcement by R-evolution GFX – for $9 TODAY ONLY on
With 3 prize giveaways! see teefury for details on how to win.

*This is the face of piracy in all its formats, since there has been recording devices there has been piracy, this t-shirt is to raise awareness of piracy and to try to stop it, this is not to make a cool looking tee or to condone it in any way, so if you are against piracy buy this tee, if you are a pirate yourself buy this tee as a wearable statement that you will never pirate anything again ;)

This has been a Pirate Service Announcement.


Remember, today only (14th January 2011 for 24hours) for $9 on

Was a blast being back on teefury! and it gained double pancake status! my first ever :D this will be …


Just thought I would share the pics I’ve been taking of the recent floods around QLD lately which you must have heard of unless you live under a soggy rock lol, lucky we have a high set house, hopefully everyone else gets through this OK :(

A bunch are up here:

Even had one of these photos asked to be used by the Sydney morning herald =]

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait