I Know I have seen this before... (solved!)

Seen this in big W the other day, I know I’ve seen this hand design somewhere before on a tee, anyone know where? might have been on redbubble I’m not sure, maybe it’s just very similar too.

Yep it was on redbubble but this design was an inspiration that’s all.

Anyone else craving a...

a different shade of brown tee on redbubble? (among other new colour choices discussed below) I see a lot of light brown/tan/khaki coloured tees elsewhere and wish we had that option to print on…

I mean there are two almost identical shades of light gray on redbubble…

Why not drop one of those and get a tan option? I’m not fond of creme as a light brownish option…

here’s an example of what it could look like

Here’s some colours from AA’s swatches that I don’t mind:

Sea blue



Plenty others too, though some list their colour options differently :S like these two are mostly the same.

I can haz discountz?

Yes, 15 percentz off, use this code when checking out:


oh and don’t forget that you can win a prize if you own a R-evoGFX product ;) contact me for details.

WIN PRIZES! if you own a R-GFX product.

I am offering prizes to selected owners of any R-evo GFX items, I guess if you’re reading this you own one?, if so you just have to send me a bubblemail for the details on how to claim said prizes ;], or email me here: “”



Got some things lying about I no longer really need, thought I’d advertise them here too.

Playstation 2 slim, great condition, all cords, memory card, 1 controller (sorry used to borrow a friends too and they wanted it back lol), 9 games, all work fine:
Timesplitters 1 & 3, Grand theft auto: San andreas, Burnout 3, Burnout dominator, Alone in the dark: new nightmare, Myst 3 Exile, Mortal Kombat deception.
$ 180 o.n.o (price includes postage)

TV tuner for your Desktop/laptop.
Used to use this until my new pc had one built in, it works great, pause/rewind/record live TV, gets radio channels too.
I can’t find the original disc that was with it, but I have the exact same programs/drivers available from their website to direct you to for download, so no worries there.
$35 o.n.o (fre…

500k Giveaway contest winners!

The title is a little misleading lol but that is how the runner of the contest titled it! meaning he got to 500,000 subscribers so had a contest to celebrate.

Anyways, I subscribe and watch Freddie Wong’s AWESOME videos on youtube, he makes all kinds, guns/explosions, babes, star wars parodies, optical illusions, video game parodies, funny music videos, fan films etc, really great quality ones, go check some out if you haven’t ever seen any:

The contest (video below) was just to make a pic using his face anyway you like:

So I entered a photoshopped pic of freddie, and shock horror I actually won a prize! see in the video below :D (around 3:05) rest of the video is pretty funny too, and the other entries are great.

Winners video:

Any photoshop users who can help me???

I have a dumb problem on windows 7 which I recently upgraded to on my new pc (no bloody better than vista anyway!), .PSD files no longer are viewable as thumbnails, I’ve looked up solutions on google but none of them work, anyone find a solution that works to view PSD thumbnails on windows explorer on win 7?

Cheers guys.

Looking for some feedback - WACOM practise.

I’m still new to this style of art, but I think it’s a worthwhile skill to have in the long run as an artist, so I keep practicing, this is one of my latest scribbles I thought I would WACOM-ize (only done two before this), and coloured in a few different styles, looking for some feedback on how bad I am at this stuff :P and if I should even bother putting it on a tee? and any other kind of advice to improve for those who are into this style, I would really appreciate that.


Click any image to view it full size:
Original sketch:


MYSOTI prints question

Anybody bought a full template sized printed t-shirt from mysoti? one that fills the entire png template example

My question is: has anyone else noticed the difference in size from the actual product you receive compared to the example shown for the design?

A couple I ordered in the past seem to be more around the size of a full size redbubble print size :\ not the larger print size shown… I compared the tee to the example, there was a noticeable difference.

So yeah, anyone else that has bought from mysoti care to share their thoughts?


Happy Fathers Day DI$COUNT!

Might be a tad late but I forgot! lol, but better to buy them a late present then none at all ;), especially at a discount of 50%+ off, for 48 hours from the posting of this journal.

Happy fathers day!
For the godlike figured father

For the tuned out father

For the prepared father

For the balanced father

For the chilled out father

For the financially depleted father hello?

Seems it has officially gone down the shitter, and ripped everybody off so bad they closed their site…(unless it works for you guys?: from what I read anyway, they just took peoples money and run! I feel bad for anyone who actually invested anything in that site : / I used to look at that site occasionally… but noticed it was always kind of dead anyway, I’m glad I didn’t buy anything from them.

R.I.P teextile.

some things I read about their shady nature
not very nice comments on their dead facebook page either
ripping off artists who gave them their designs

Happy b'day Teefury! collab tee available today only!

Some great talent included in this collab :D even my humble entry, an homage to one of the greatest films ever made IMHO :) (to my surprise they even changed the colour of some parts of it to the colour I originally used to match the items in the film lol I guess they might be fans too :P)

Happy b’day TF, and thnx.

R-evolution GFX

Good pc chair?

Anyone know a good brand to buy for a pc chair? last few I bought are cheap as shit and keep breaking! (no I’m not over the weight limit I checked lol I’m just a 6ft 4 tall heavy guy) the metal bends, the gas lift thing stops working… just rubbish workmanship.

Something in Aus too if anyone knows of a good shop/brand, that lasts a long time :| high back and comfy too lol something to relax in to do better art, all I need, sick of the current one I have.

Cheers for any suggestions guys.

Have you spotted any in the wild?

Just curious if any on you guys have spotted any of your own tee designs out and about in the world? or failing that, any redbubble designs that you recognized?

I have not as of yet, as I don’t live in the most bustling area, though I swear I seen one on youtube not long ago.


Up on TeeFury, 24hours only! (Now with pancakes!)

Only $9!
Be quick.

I wouldn’t have chosen grass green for a colour option though, maybe a darker green, oh well could have worse and been pink or something lol.

Thanks teefury!

Oh and for those who think I blatantly used apples actual logo (probably because the large view is still a bit small on TF), think again:

So stoked, good fun on there, thanks TF!

I'm up to 99 designs! 100 on the horizon...

100 is in the works, well a few are actually, depends which I finish first gets the honour :D

And happy bday to Pac-man the other day!, big 30! I made a design coincidentally featuring pac-man for my 99th tee on RB, not knowing it was his bday lol, for a retro game contest (& as always any and all votes appreciated guys :D)

Now… on to 200 =]

Hear ye! Hear ye! Thanks be bestowed upon the Bubblers of Red!

Hear ye! Hear ye! Thine ears hear no rumours of deceit , our eyes duth see the truth!

So, let me proclaim the grandest of thanks be bestowed upon the Bubblers of Red, we give thanks for the most glorious of additions of the parchment of ye moderne stickyness to this fair site upon the web, to your health good sirs,
I thank ye!

Sir Jay,
of nobloodyideawtfIjustsaid-ville.

Now laid upon my parchment page of first viewing, in honour of the noblemen of thee Bubble of Red.

Your own official brand?

Just wondering if anybody here has thought about making or actually made their own brand/label? like not just any design with your name attached like we usually do on here, I mean like a brand with a central theme and style etc with your logo/brand name in pretty much every design, anyone? I’d like to see some that have stood the test of time and become popular, and I have seen odd ones around, just nothing really groundbreaking and continuous with new ideas and designs.

Just curious, because I’m thinking of doing something like that at some point… and any advice is always helpful, like do’s and don’ts, I know a custom website would be good, though not cheap to do unless you make sites yourself

so many brand ideas floating about though, so maybe I will maybe …

So, does anybody own...

Any shirts from Mysoti? I want to buy some but am wondering about the quality of their printing etc
And compared to RB tees as well as I do own some from here already.

Cheers for any info guys.

Up for scoring - things that go BOOM!

This was exhausting, but worth it in the end, plus I have a lot of vectors I can use for future works :D

Any votes/comments greatly appreciated as always.

And like I said on threadless, feel free to point out any famous bombs I may have missed, or try to guess all the movies/tv shows these are from? ;P



deviantART finalists have been chosen!!!

20 have been chosen as semi finalists from around 5,500+ entries apparently, and when I checked it this morning… I WAS PICKED :O none more surprised than I, considering the competition, some really cool stuff in this contest.

Any comments or favs etc on my entry would be greatly appreciated, plus if you leave a comment (on a pretty hot topic right now) they may see your signature link (I have one, they’re not frowned upon) under your name and come to your RB profile? and Redbubble in general too =] might as well help promote this awesome site.

Anyways this is the one they chose from my two entries, click on it to go to the contest entry page:

Cheers everyone!

For those on deviantART

I entered a t-shirt design contest on there recently, and thought I would show my two design entries here for something to do, ill let you guys know when voting starts after the judges pick a top 20 first.

click image for larger view

click image for larger view

My 1st WACOM tablet designed tee

This is my first tee shirt designed using my new WACOM bamboo graphics tablet, still practicing, but I think it’s paying off :D

Plus I had a good idea for using this design with awesome super glow paint! :D, which redbubble is unable to print, which I added to threadless, have to wait and see if it prints in the end, hopefully.

Oh and not to worry, redbubble is not being left out, I’m adding an alternate version here very soon.


RB was routed! THIEVES! Might find one of your designs here STOLEN!

I had a geez at these sites that steal art from RB, just checkin if they stole some of mine (thankfully nothing yet), found some familiar designs, still lookin though…

Some seem to be taken down already, probably by the artist already busting them?

Plenty of tee’s ive seen elsewhere too, the whole site needs to be investigated!

this one is listed but wont come up when i click on it? :| maybe they got busted

might be taken down now?

link to another i think is from rb?

Feel free to post more :| so many…, plus if anybody has put their tees on there deliberately feel free to tell me lol

GFX tablet Vs. Mouse, anyone have some examples?

As a follow up to my last journal, just would like to see any examples of the difference getting a tablet has changed/improved your artwork?

I’ve seen some that describe that it was done with one, but most are just a guess lol, would be cool to see some that show off the detail possible over a mouse design etc

cheers to anyone who post some examples of tablet made designs they may have on RB =]


So who uses a Graphics tablet? (Wacom bamboo etc)

Server error messed the last one of these up, reposting it.

I’m going to buy one very soon, but thought I would ask a few opinions on owning one and the good and bad of them etc if thats ok with you guys to educate me :P

I’m looking at a wacom bamboo tablet (2nd gen pen version), likely a small one to see if I like them or not them in future buy a better larger one, or a intuos4 maybe, I don’t think I will spend the extra on anything more at this point, and there is an alternate option of a pen & touch version, but that looks more like a gimmick than a time saver IMO.

Oh and I’m staying away from any that need batteries in the pen etc, money saver :)

So anyone have any reason why that would be a wise or dumb decision? lol, and for those of you who have bought o…

Photoshop VS. Illustrator? (+ other programs?)

Just curious as to what the majority of people are using for their awesome designs?

borrowed image lol

PS or AI? (+ other programs?), (and why? if you feel like adding that info lol)

Personally I dabble in both, but use PS more as I find it more versatile, though AI has some advantages occasionally.

Anyways yeah I was just wondering.



desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait