!!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! -added my first 2010 design!-

2009 was a fun year, now I will be looking forward to 2010 and have just added my first new design for the year :D
Price Check:

I’m up to 79 designs, on my way to 100, sometime this year :D

Anyways hope everybody has a fun happy awesome great new years, try to not too drink too much…. I want some! lol


Shock horror happiness and glee... =] -and a screen capture-

I came on today and thought I would check the T-shirt all time most popular page, and to my surprise and shock and glee , one of my shirts is there!

True it is on the very last page lol, and might drop off the page again altogether soon, but hey, I’m stoked that one of my designs actually got onto that page at all

Thanks Redbubble! and thanks to all who purchased this tee, left comments and favorited it

I plan to make a special edition of my Graffiti zen master tee to commemorate
this event (-cough- nerd cough), it will be up before years end I’m sure :)


I never learn... and they never stop with the lies

The ads look so good… I give in once again in hopes of an actual product that matches its advertisement! I really should give up lol

oh and the idiots tried to charge me and my friend $2 more than the ad states it was! from 2 different employees no less! lucky I asked why it was more so we got our $4 back…

The customers satisfaction no longer exists.

The new 2012 London Olympics "symbol" - maybe they should rethink this one...

And here’s one viewers opinion of what it looks like
Youtube vid

And this is no joke lol it really looks like this, look on google yourself if you don’t believe me, I mean this idiot probably got paid like 1,000,000 dollars to design this and didn’t even realize what it looks like before releasing it to the world (no pun intended)… talk about an oversite :| bit like the “chook” sydney olyimpic logo lol, and they are a so called professional designers….. I could do better

HALLOWEEN shirts DISCOUNT, ends saturday!

Yep, just spreading the evil spirit for Halloween >:)

All my shirts that have anything to do with skulls, skeletons, blood, extracted brains, hearts removed etc… I’m sure you can find some lol, are discounted to “6.66” percent markup for me, 13 of them in fact… a fair discount from the usual 20%+ I have on most of my shirts.

So get them in time before Halloween is over because they will be put back to their usual markup after october ends!



DVD vs. Blu Ray conspiracy...

It’s ridiculous what they are doing more and MORE of now with Blue Ray over regular DVD……

anyone else noticed almost always when they release them both at the same time, that Blue ray gets ALL the extras/bonus features and DVD gets NOTHING or next to nothing?… it’s bullshit.

talk about pushing blu ray onto people just so they can see all these extras it would take mere minutes to put onto dvd as well… but NOOOOOOOOOOoooOOoooo IF you want to see the extras you HAVE to be a blu ray owner now, like that’s so fuckin cheap in todays economic downturn to have to buy a player and a HD tv to watch it on…

plus I’ve watched blu ray in the shops and I don’t even like the overly sharp scratchy film grain looking picture anyway :S might as well count the pimples on their faces as the only advantage I s

I'm so sick of FALSE ADVERTISING!!!! (Ad VS. Reality photo included)

Have you ever seen those mouth watering ad’s time and time again giving you so many promises and are so relentless that you just have to buy it?…

So you think OK I will, so proceed to buy the said advertised edible item.

The price they advertise always seemed way lower than expected once you empty your wallet for it, usually because they only advertise the price of the smallest version of the item without letting you know that… naturally.

BUT then… you open it only to find you’ve been RIPPED OFF and duped into buying something that barely resembles the ad whatsoever! so small and WAY less toppings or filling etc

Here’s one example of one item I just HAD to try because of how great the ad looked… but to my dismay it was extremely misleading with chicken pouring out of the front of the wrap

So many sales... so little opportunity to say THANKS! =]

Just a shout out to all the people who purchase my work on RB.

Because the majority don’t buy with having an RB account (well in my experience here) so will never know their identities, not that it’s a bad thing, just means we can’t say thanks personally which I like to do.

So THANK YOU! to all who have been buying my designs outside of RB, I very much appreciate it! :)

And if you ever have the time to send a photo of the shirt printed into redbubble’s buyers booth with your own account that would be awesome too, or to me and I’ll upload it into the shirt description.



To Zazzle or not to Zazzle

Almost anything you look up on google now leads to a bloody zazzle shirt… I swear they are the collecting point of almost design or idea that’s out there……

but not in a good way from what I’ve seen and read up about zazzle, most designs on there are cheap lazy rip offs of better designs, or they simply got in first with a crappy version of the idea which never will satisfy a lot of potential customers, or just blatantly steal an idea… but I find it hard to find anything impressive on zazzle worth buying.

And I also find it quite hard to find anything positive anywhere about zazzle in either their final print quality of the shirts, customer service, design quality (resolution or other generally expected quality in designs) or even pricing, yet they are taking over the whole bloody internet

Aero bar chocolate conspiracy!

Advertisement lies: “Mmmm It’s the bubbles of nothing that make it really something”, hence making you think the bubbles make it something special? pffft

Truth: Air bubbles inside chocolate means they’re saving money by selling AIR! over chocolate! probably like 50% less choc, it’s an air bubble conspiracy man!!! I mean who else can sell air to someone to make a profit? lol

Lol random I know, nothing to do with clothing, but I just had to point this out as I see cadbury copying them now with bubble choc or something… they caught onto the ploy too I see.

Beware aero bar buyers.


One final GOOD LUCK to all Music Machines entries!

1 day left to vote!

I got a pretty rough idea of who’s gonna be in the top 5 – 10 or so, and so they should be as they’re awesome entries! (hopefully my entry will be good enough to be in the top 20 at least :-P), but the suspense is killing me :| Lol

Anyways, here’s one last look at my entry :)

Click to see closer detail

Good luck guys & gals, can’t wait to see the finalists! :D


Introduction of new style, now used on ALL my shirts :D

for those who care? lol sorry I’m just bored :P
Well all but the girl shirts, still working on a new female model template to replace the old ones =]

Here’s some examples:

Kamikaze punk V.1

revenge is tweet

Ride the base wave: Ultimate edition

This is also my entry for the Music machines challenge



Sticky bomb

Gas mask

Ride the bass wave: special edition

these 7 so far for a sample t-shirt display, but I think it’s better looking than my last style, fair bit of vector work and playing around to get this final result, each with their own colour coded background to match the design colours, kind of a tech honeycomb style, with a fully new vectored shirt/model with subtle highlights, but I think it’s a good step in a more unique direction =], I will be slowly updating my older t-

My current PC setup (with photo & descriptions)

I got bored, made a little photo with descriptions of my current setup :-P

R-evoGFX HQ.

(1): My brick with a lot of guts :D

CPU: Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz
RAM: 3.5 GB
OS: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition, 32-bit
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT
Disk space: 596GB (+500GB external HD)

(2): My rather outdated speakers and subwoofer (updating soon :D)

(3): 19" LG flatron LCD monitor, rez @ 1440 × 900, with work in progress at the time lol

(4): Always essential ;)

(5): Old optical mouse, browsing the market for a certain logitech gaming mouse though =]

(6): Print/scan/copy/fax brother printer (currently cannot do any of these due to needing ink, install software, cords are missing and needs a phone line… but I own one :D)

(7): Yes yes I’m i

Just had to do it

I bought 2 shirts from Redbubble today! :D just before the discount ends.

One for me and one for a friend, now I can see how good the quality is from RB for reference for future purchases, which I’m sure will be good enough :)

I will post pics of them when they arrive, and a small review :)

So around 10 – 15 days apparently lol.

R-evolution GFX

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait