My current PC setup (with photo & descriptions)

I got bored, made a little photo with descriptions of my current setup :-P

R-evoGFX HQ.

(1): My brick with a lot of guts :D

CPU: Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz
RAM: 3.5 GB
OS: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition, 32-bit
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT
Disk space: 596GB (+500GB external HD)

(2): My rather outdated speakers and subwoofer (updating soon :D)

(3): 19" LG flatron LCD monitor, rez @ 1440 × 900, with work in progress at the time lol

(4): Always essential ;)

(5): Old optical mouse, browsing the market for a certain logitech gaming mouse though =]

(6): Print/scan/copy/fax brother printer (currently cannot do any of these due to needing ink, install software, cords are missing and needs a phone line… but I own one :D)

(7): Yes yes I’m in the market for a new desk too… and you don’t wanna know what’s in the draws lol

(8): My latest addition I got only this week :D and definitely worth it! Logitech G15 gaming keyboard, with 2 brightness setting illuminated keys for working/playing in darkness, mini LCD screen to monitor email/clock/cpu among other things, 18 shortcut G keys on left side (perfect for photoshop shortcuts to save time) :D any self respecting graphic artist/gamer should own one ;) highly recommended!

(9): Got this only last week, always a must for regular pc users :), though I wish I had more to spend on a better one… oh well, it serves it’s purpose.

(10): My surge guard and battery backup powerboard, always good to prevent against a power loss causing you to lose valuable unsaved work :| and a lot of f%@#ing tangled cords to piss my feet off lol…

(11): A friend of mines laptop, I’m not that rich…

(12): Neglected PS2 games, poor poor ps2 I swear I’ll play you again at some point.

(13): Carpet, and a shitty one at that.

(14): God knows what’s piled up on there, my eye level is lower than that usually :-P

(15): (Couple of odds and ends not pictured: Digital TV tuner to watch TV on my pc, logitech wireless joystick for certain games, my sony digital camera; essential for source photos etc, my DS I watch videos on converted to it’s format, and 4 cats and a dog that run about all day lol)

(16): Yours truly… (Sadly I was cut from the photo)

Anyways that’s my humble HQ :) anyone else care to share their awesome uber cool super expensive setups? lol



  • PrettyKitty
    PrettyKittyover 5 years ago

    nope coz i aint got one :D

  • Pip Gerard
    Pip Gerardover 5 years ago

    seriously… I think I’ve got nearly the same set up. My man actually learned a few years ago how to put PC’s together so we save about a thousand bucks everytime and we can upgrade all the time. (he’s a glazier for his day job though). So we don’t have a DVD player… in our lounge room is another PC hooked up to the TV : ) He just recently built me a quad core that is pretty much the same as yours (the outside looks different though) and I use nothing but an external hard drive now too (saves so much time re-formatting or upgrading)
    Judging by your video card & game pad you’re a bit of a gamer? Latest faves for us is Call of Duty 4 and of course the latest GTA (played heaps when first got em but have weaned off a bit). The graphics on each just blew me away! That Call of Duty though is my fave… so exciting! I’m over all the cheaters on the online version of GTA though so stopped playing that pretty quickly (does that mean I’m a sore loser?) LOL
    And you just gotta have a subwoofer… what would games and playing the tunes while you work… be without it!!!??? :) (mines just as old as yours but still works a treat)
    Don’t we sound like such geeks! ;) (glad I’m a geek though with the amount of money we save building em instead of buying off the shelf)

  • lol well I knew I had to rent this beast as I needed a new pc pronto (my old one is embarrassing so I won’t even mention it here lol), but as I pay the rent of it I’m paying it off to buy at the end of the contract :D which is fine by me, and yeah I asked for a gaming pc that could play anything that’s out now lol, though i stay away from life ruining games like WoW for example :P no thanks, and to do my graphic work on a nice fast pc too which is heaven compared to my last one lol
    And how do they cheat? i heard some hack these games but that’s just sad :S that’s no achievement lol, just gutless cheaters.

    Yeah need a bigger sub, this is “ok” for now as I’m broke still lol, any suggestions for a big one that’s cheap?

    And yeah I’m a hybrid geek Lol I’m not a stereotypical fat nerd in a basement :P I stay in shape too lol

    – R-evolution GFX

  • Pip Gerard
    Pip Gerardover 5 years ago

    Yeah I don’t have time for the games anymore.. too much into designing….loved em when we first got them though. Didn’t know anything about Warcraft till I saw this video – have you seen it? click here – I still laugh at it. I didn’t even know what hybrid geek meant… looked it up. Learn something new everyday. There’s hybrid geeks everywhere.

  • lol I just made it up then, since I don’t call myself a full on geek, I just know enough to get by on techy stuff :P

    Nah hadn’t seen that till just then LOL shows what that shit does to people :| digital crack!

    And I play games and do designs in a nice balance, though more designs I think as it does have a payoff lol

    And yeah all kinds of geeks out there lol, and this hybrid geek is going offline now, time to trim the geeky fat with some exercise lol, ttyl

    – R-evolution GFX