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Goodnight... Mrs. Gianni

FADE IN:INT – POLICE WITNESS ROOM – DAYA thin cloud of cigarette smoke trials through the air. Theroom is grey, no character, no warmth. A grey metal tablethat reflects the low budget of the city, holds nothing but apack of cigarettes and a lighter.A cigarette drops to the floor and is crushed by a blackboot. The pack on the table is picked up. It’s almost full. Acigarette taken out and lit. TYNA Gianni, takes a deep dragand SIGHS heavily. She fingers the badge hanging at her side.She drops her half smoked cigarette and lights another.The door opens. Inspector WELSH enters and places a taperecorder and a load of files on the table. He grabs an oldmetal chair, a perfect match for the table, from the cornerand sits. Tyna stares silently at Welsh as he turns on therecorder and leans back. Tyna takes a deep drag of hercigarette. The smoke billows around the harsh neon lights.INT – GIANNI HOME – BASEMENT – NIGHT – PASTThe moonlight filters in through the small windows into thedarkened room. Eighties MUSIC fills the air as a small beamof light cuts the darkness. A door SLAMS. FOOTSTEPS descendthe stairs. The dim red glow of a cigarette appears. Thelights flick on.XAVIER Gianni is laying on an old couch. He opens his eyesand grins. His cigarette hangs loosely between his lips.TYNAI thought you quit.XAVIERI did.Tyna sits beside him and takes the cigarette.TYNAI did too.She inhales. Xavier eyes her closely, as if he were studyingher. Tyna rises and walks to the billiard table.She rolls a ball along a bumper and into a pocket. Xavier’sgaze never leaving her.TYNAAre you going to hide out down hereall night?XAVIERHadn’t planned on it. Thought I’dget laid tonight.TYNAAnd what gave you that idea?XAVIERWhy Mrs. Gianni, are you implyingthat I can’t get laid on my weddingnight?TYNAYou don’t get any on most nights.Why would today be any different?Xavier smiles. He stands before her and leans in close.XAVIERAnd whose fault is that?He slides his finger down her neck and across her breasts.TYNAMr. Gianni, there are guests in thehouse.XAVIERFuck the guests. I didn’t want themhere anyway.He cups her breast and kisses her deeply. She tries towriggle away.TYNAXAVI, cut it out.Xavier holds her tightly.XAVIERI love you.TYNAThat’s not fair.He kisses her longer and more passionately than before. Sheyields to him.XAVIERYou told me that you loved me too,once.TYNAXavi, don’t.He runs his hand down her body. He guides her back onto thetable and slides his hand between her legs. His tongue dipsinto her cleavage.XAVIER(whispers)So long.TYNAXavi… Xavier.He MOANS.TYNAPlease stop.XAVIERI’ve wanted you for so long. Iwaited and waited for you and nowyou tell me to stop.TYNAI won’t apologize.XAVIERWhatever.Xavier plops down on the couch and lights another cigarette.He watches the smoke roll to the ceiling. Tyna sits silentlyat his side. She lays her head on his shoulder.TYNAI do love you.Xavier continues to puff on his cigarette.TYNAI love you so much it hurts.He flicks the ash harshly.TYNAXavi.She turns his head and stares into his eyes. She kisses himsoftly and smiles sadly.TYNAI wish XANDER could have seen youtoday.Xavier frowns. He SIGHS and holds Tyna gently.They sit silently listening to the LAUGHTER echoing throughthe ceiling. The MUSIC grows louder then muffles as a doorSLAMS. The CLACK of high heels rolls down the stairs. HILLARYGianni enters and takes in the scene quietly.HILLARYI was just wondering if you weregoing to make an appearance at yourwedding reception.XAVIERTyna just wished Xander was here.Xavier wipes the tears from Tyna’s face tenderly. Hillaryfrowns.HILLARYI’m sorry Tyna. I—-TYNANo. Don’t apologize.Tyna hugs Hillary tightly.TYNAI hate apologies. They seem so…unapologetic.Tyna kisses Xavier on the cheek.TYNAI think I’ll go.Xavier jabs his cigarette into an ashtray.TYNAI shouldn’t have come.Hillary smiles widely.HILLARYIt was nice that you did. Yourbeing here means a lot to Xavier.But don’t feel as if you have tostay. We understand.Tyna smiles tensely.TYNACongratulations Mrs. Gianni. I hopeyour marriage is a long and happyone.HILLARY(Tensely)Thank you. Good night… Mrs.Gianni.Tyna exits. Xavier leans back on the couch and lights anothercigarette.HILLARYXavi, you told me you were going toquit.Xavier inhales deeply. The smoke billows before Hillary. Hestands before her, cigarette loosely between his lips. Hedrops it and crushes it under his heel. He kisses her on theforehead.XAVIER(Softly)I asked you, not to call me that.He exits.RETURN TO SCENEINT – POLICE WITNESS ROOM – DAYTyna stares out the small dingy window not noticing hercigarette has burned out.WELSHOn his wedding night? With his wifein the house? He’s got some balls.TYNA(Sarcasticly)Apparently you’ve never dealt with a Gianni.They’re relentless. When they want somethingthey get it. Sooner or later. That’s what makesXavier a good Narc.Tyna LAUGHS.TYNAHe should be a fucking Mountie.Welsh watches her silently.WELSHXander?He flips through a file and pulls out a picture.WELSHXander Gianni?TYNAXavier’s brother, my first husband.Patrolman Xander Gianni. Killed inthe line of duty, November twelfth,1997 at 21:48 on Broadway andRiverside by gunshot.WELSHI’m so—-TYNADon’t. False sentiment doesn’t fixanything. I got enough of that crapwhen he died.Tyna picks up the picture.TYNAIt was a routine traffic stop. Onehe could have let go. But try andtell that to a Gianni.Tyna lovingly runs her finger across the photo.TYNADo you know why? Does your filetell you why? A fucking tail light.The sixteen year old bastard shothim because he didn’t want to getgrounded for getting a ticket. Thefucker pulled out a gun and shothim right here.Tyna jabs her finger into the center of Welsh’s forehead.TYNAThey gave him twenty five yearswith possibility for parole in tenbecause he was a minor.Tyna drops the picture on the table.TYNAA fucking tail light.She lights a cigarette and stares coldly at Welsh.TYNAThe force or nothing Inspector Welsh. Toa Gianni, that’s all there is.INT – GIANNI HOME – BASEMENT – DAY – PASTA nine ball wrack is tossed on the couch. A cue stick ischalked. The shot is lined up. The set is broken. Xavierlooks over the table. A cigarette burns in the ashtray.A door SLAMS. FOOTSTEPS echo across the ceiling. The sound ofheels CLACK down the stairs. Hillary enters. Xavier measureshis shot and shoots.HILLARYWhy didn’t you tell me?XAVIERTell you what?Hillary glares.HILLARYTyna called.XAVIERI didn’t know I had to tell youthat.HILLARYShe left a message for you. "SorryI couldn’t see you off, but Ididn’t want to wish you luck andjinx it. Thirty six kilos and tenarrests. Nice. Glad you didn’t getyour ass blown off. Call me."Xavier grins and takes another shot.HILLARYWhy didn’t you tell me?XAVIERTell you what? Tell you what?He slams the cue on the table.XAVIERIt’s my job Hillary. I’m a cop. Icatch bad guys for a living sopeople like you can lead happyfucking lives.HILLARYI just want to know you. Anything,everything, something!XAVIERWhat do you want me to do? Call youevery time I take a piss?HILLARYNo but—-XAVIERThen what do you want from me?Hillary stands quietly. Her anger clearly expressed.XAVIERJesus Christ. I should havelistened to my father.Xavier leans on the table and holds his head in his hands.HILLARYYou’re right. You should have.“Don’t marry an outsider. She’llnever be good enough." I heard him.I also heard what you had to saytoo! Nothing! You didn’t evendefend me! I should have… Ishould have…Hillary begins to sob. Xavier glances up at her and turnsaway in disgust.HILLARYXavi?XAVIERI told you don’t call me that.He walks past her. She reaches out to him.XAVIERDon’t.INT – TYNA’S APARTMENT – NIGHTCAPTION – FIVE MONTHS LATERThe silent television casts blue shadows across the livingroom. Tyna sits curled up in a chair sleeping. A picture ofher, Xavier and Xander in uniform rests on her lap.A key CLICKS in the door latch. Xavier enters. He standsquietly watching Tyna sleep. He carries her into the bedroom.He closes the bedroom door and heads to the kitchen. He pullsa beer out of the refrigerator. He drinks deeply. He picks upthe discarded picture and runs his finger across Tyna’simage. He stares out of the window into the moonlit night.LATERThe sharp RINGING of a telephone pierces the silence. A lightflicks on. Tyna’s engagement ring clad hand reaches overXavier and picks up the receiver.TYNAGianni… Wait, wait, slow down…Hillary? Damn it Hillary it’s threein the morning… He still doesn’twant to talk to you… No… No…Whatever… Yeah he’s here, he’ssleeping… No… Are youkidding?… What the hell is yourproblem?… No!Tyna SLAMS the receiver down.TYNAShit. Xavi get up… Get up!Xavier rolls over and stares silently as Tyna beginsdressing.TYNAYour ex-wife is downstairs and shewants to talk to you.XAVIERYou’re kidding.TYNA(Dripping sarcasm)Yeah… Does it look like I’mkidding? Get up.Xavier begins dressing as the door bell RINGS. Tyna goes toanswer it.TYNAXavi, I’m very understanding and Ithink you should have handled theseparation a little bit better thanyou did but this is getting fuckingridiculous. Seriously.Tyna opens the door to the barrel of a Colt .45 in her face.Hillary is disheveled with a wild look in her eyes.HILLARYWhere is he?TYNAXavier?… Xavier?… Xavi!HILLARYDon’t call him that. Not you.Xavier exits the bedroom.XAVIERWell, is she going to come in orwhat.Tyna backs away from the door as Hillary enters. Xavier eyesthe gun.XAVIERHillary?HILLARYShut up.The gun is pointed at Tyna.TYNAHillary don’t you think this is abit harsh?HILLARYHarsh? Your husband died and thenyou decided to take mine.XAVIERHillary.HILLARYShut up.TYNAI didn’t take anyone. He came tome. He always comes back to me.Hillary grimaces and slowly points the gun at Xavier.TYNAOh come on. Don’t start spoutingthat ‘if I can’t have him no onecan’ bullshit.XAVIERTyna shut up.TYNAWhy? She doesn’t want to kill me.I’m not the one that left her.Xavier frowns as Hillary grins widely.TYNAI just wonder what took her solong. If I were her, you’d havebeen dead the day you left me.XAVIERTyna, will you shut the fuck up!TYNAFine. But I will say this, he’s notworth it. The heartache, the painof not knowing. Do you really wantall of that back Hillary? Theemptiness, the lonely nights, notbeing allowed into his world.Hillary looks to Tyna.HILLARYI love him.TYNAI know.Tyna inches slowly toward Hillary.TYNAI know. Deep down I know he caresfor you, but you have to let go.Hillary begins to lower her guard.TYNAHe just didn’t want you to evercome home to an empty house. Notknowing when or if he would evercome back. It’s the worst feelingin the world Hillary. I know.Tyna inches closer as Hillary lowers the gun and begins toSOB. Tyna embraces and comforts her.HILLARYXavi, I’m so sorry.TYNAShhhh. Did he ever tell you why hedoesn’t like you to call him that?Tyna looks at Xavier.TYNA CONT.(Whisper)I called him that the first time wemade love. I own him Hillary, andno one will ever take somethingthat belongs to me ever again.GUNSHOT. Hillary looks up in surprise and falls limply to thefloor. Tyna stands over her with the gun. She points it atXavier and cocks it. He is too shocked to move.TYNA CONT.You know… I am right. You aren’tworth it. You never were. But, youare mine.The gun drops. She walks to the phone, picks up the receiverand dials.VOICE OVERDispatch.TYNAThis is Detective Tyna Gianni ofthe two four. Officer needsassistance at—-RETURN TO SCENEINT – POLICE WITNESS ROOM – NIGHTWelsh taps a pen on the table lightly.WELSHAnd that’s it? You fed that line ofcrap to the D.A. and she believedit?TYNAIt’s the truth. Take it or leaveit.Welsh takes the last cigarette from Tyna’s pack and lightsit. He inhales deeply.WELSHLook, I’ve read your record. I knowyou’re the Chief Inspectors kid andyou married into the oldest familyon the force. Inspite of that,you’re a damn good cop. I respectthat. But I can’t swallow this.Tyna takes the cigarette from Welsh and takes a drag.WELSHHis fingerprints are on the gun.TYNASo are hers and so are mine.WELSHDon’t let your career go down thedrain. Stop protecting him.Tyna smirks.TYNAI’m not protecting him. I shot her.WELSHThe ex-wife of your husband comesinto your apartment. She holds youat gun point.You get into a fight over the gunand she ends up dead. All the whilehe’s just standing there. When didhe touch the gun? Why did he—-Tyna looks out the window into the night. She crushes thefinished cigarette under her heel.TYNAI’m out of butts and your out oftime. If you were going to chargeme with anything you would have.Tyna smiles seductively.TYNABesides, I told you what you needto know. I shot her InspectorWelsh. I am not sorry and I don’tthink I ever will be. In fact, I’msure I won’t. Tomorrow will be likeany other day. I will wake up, saygood morning to my husband and puton my badge. It’s all I know, it’sall I will ever know and there isnothing you or the D.A. can do tochange that. I’m a GianniInspector. Remember that.INT – TYNA’S APARTMENT – NIGHT – PASTXavier kneels over Hillary’s lifeless body. Tyna hangs up thephone.TYNA(Softly)Xavier… Xavi. Homicide is coming.He looks up at her. Horror covers his face. Tyna hovers overthem as she lights a cigarette.TYNAGood night… Mrs. Gianni.FADE OUT.

Goodnight... Mrs. Gianni

Z.S. Lewis

Newport News, United States

  • Artist

Artist's Description

This is the first go I had at writing a screen short. I was really into noir type filming at the time. * this does contain some graphic language*

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