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Amateur photographer living in Provence. Middle-aged, middle-income, too much of a middle.


Additional rejection options

I am sure that RB members carefully assess the suitability of their carefully crafted work of art for each and every group to which they submit works. I am equally certain that group hosts agonize over each work and, once the painful rejection decision has been wrested from them, carefully select from the four helpful and transparent rejection options provided by RB, firmly eschewing the straight “reject” option as being too cold and lazy by far.…

But just in case they don’t, I have drafted a few more developed from my own experience as a sole host in several groups.

6. The host is knackered / drunk and couldn’t be bothered to wade through the minutiae of your badly-worded description to see whether you actually complied with a basic requirement a five year-old could understand
7. The host

Why I took up photography

In 2006 I moved to a cute flat in Athens with a view of the Acropolis and of the mausoleum of Philopappus of Comagene (where do names like this come from?). It was a great place to live before and after the riots began. I hope it still is. As a city with a higher population density than Shanghai that doubles in size every generation, it’s where my heart is. Looking over five million people in a city created practically overnight in 1923, I loved Athens.…

Great as this flat was, there was a small glitch: a tiny lift that often broke down. I used to do the shopping for a little old lady on the fifth floor and even braved the riots to get her vital necessities from the local convenience store, where rioters and policemen called a truce to buy cigarettes. (I remember going back, younger and fi

Back from beyond

Now that my telephone and Internet connections are finally working I can do some useful things…

Firstly, offer my sincere apologies and thanks to the wonderfully patient members of the four groups I host on my own:

Atheism and Humanism

Full Frame

Lost in Space



You’ve been very forbearing and I was chuffed to see so many works awaiting moderation when I finally managed to get back to you. Thanks for bearing with me.

Secondly, point out that bursting the bubble for a month is not necessarily a bad thing…


Digital age in Provence

Getting a phone line – much less an Internet connection – is proving much harder and longer than I expected. I can’t penalise members of the various groups I host with the slow, slow, slow rate of progress of France Télécom, so all groups are now open for works. I’ll check in every couple of days until I have a permanent access.

Thanks for your patience,


Temporarily closing groups

This is to inform members of the following groups:

  1. Atheism and Humanism
  2. Full Frame
  3. Lost in Space
  4. Marmara

of which I am the sole host that works will not be accepted for the first half of September. Apologies for this, but I am moving and it takes my ISP up to a fortnight to install my Internet connection and phone lines. I think members deserve better than having hundreds of works “piled up” and/or accepted in one fell swoop.

I will of course post a message in each group although the view stats for group messages indicate that few people read them.

Again, sorry about the time it takes to get this done – it’s one of the few downsides of living in a medieval Provençal village.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.


The Curiosity Rover

As you know, the great interplanetary monster that eats quite a lot of our Mars probes has let one through and now we’re spoiled for choice. What you don’t know is that I work for the JPL and they sometimes let me leak some of their findings. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t own up to this, but I know I can trust my RB friends. This is the latest from the Curiosity Rover’s vast array of optical equipment with a little bit of work enhancing the image:

Naming names

RB has a rule about not naming people, but I’m going to break it (sort of). I want to thank:

Ms J

Mr B


Mr D

for their invaluable perspective, common sense and advice.

I’ve had one of those unpleasant experiences hosts in the bubble know only too well. The above are wonderful reminders and excellent examples of what this community really is. Thank you.


Mac users and the © sign

How many years has it been since I stopped “using” a Windows PC and started “working with” a mac? Can’t remember, but I do miss the old alt + 0169 for the © sign.

And today I learnt what to do in OS X: option + g.

option + g!

It’s that simple…

I’m that simple…

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait