Additional rejection options

I am sure that RB members carefully assess the suitability of their carefully crafted work of art for each and every group to which they submit works. I am equally certain that group hosts agonize over each work and, once the painful rejection decision has been wrested from them, carefully select from the four helpful and transparent rejection options provided by RB, firmly eschewing the straight “reject” option as being too cold and lazy by far.

But just in case they don’t, I have drafted a few more developed from my own experience as a sole host in several groups.

6. The host is knackered / drunk and couldn’t be bothered to wade through the minutiae of your badly-worded description to see whether you actually complied with a basic requirement a five year-old could understand
7. The host was dumped with a group by a departing bubbler, has no idea what the group stands for and is going to err on the side of caution. Better luck next time. (I really could use this one)
8. The host has come to the conclusion that the previous 57 submitted works were acts of submission carpet-bombing by bubblers ticking every sodding group they’re in, irrespective of the group theme, technique or interest, in the hope of finding a home for their work and has decided to take out his frustration on your perfectly legitimate and beautiful piece. So there.
9. The host is trying to make sense of group rules written by a revered previous host, presumably on an iPhone in Tagalog judging from the typos, once again confirming the previous host’s sole form of communication was visual and definitely not written, making the new host feel like an anal philistine.
10. The host just doesn’t know, but has a feeling.


  • Charlie Mclenahan
    Charlie Mclenahanabout 2 years ago

    wonderful, could use all of these :))

  • Oh, I hope not.

    – Revenant

  • Charlie Mclenahan
    Charlie Mclenahanabout 2 years ago

    8 & 10 deff

  • Oh well, now you know which groups to avoid – and so do I… ;-) Actually, No. 8 is starting to be a biggie, but you didn’t hear that from me. Shhh! Mum’s the word.

    – Revenant

  • Charlie Mclenahan
    Charlie Mclenahanabout 2 years ago

    Oops I only host one group LoL

  • Don’t worry, I now have talented co-hosts in most of mine…

    – Revenant

  • Jay Gross
    Jay Grossabout 2 years ago

    Actually, I usually use the cold, message-free rejects, since I consider he RB-supplied ones somewhat insulting. I’ve been meaning to find time to open this battle with RB, but experience shows that would be less than futile anyway. -J:

  • Alas, your experience takes on a philosophical approach; I attempt humour. But you’re right – they’re one-size-fits-no one.

    – Revenant

  • Evita
    Evitaabout 2 years ago

    Humour they say is the best medicine LOL
    I like 8 & 10…LOL ….. Perhaps it’s best to use the cold/lazy way.. but … then how one would know where the work ends up…… :(

  • Evita
    Evitaabout 2 years ago

    Ohhh.. I forgot to add.. I try to avoid moderating when drunk… LOL

  • Ahhh…. So that’s what I’ve been doing wrong all this time. Thanks for the useful tip!

    – Revenant

  • Maree Cardinale
    Maree Cardinaleabout 2 years ago

    You forgot
    11. The host just doesn’t like you for no reason in particular and hell will freeze over before they ever feature you. They would prefer to bestow features on the same people over and over, usually images compiled from layers of other people’s photography, or cute pussy cats.

  • If I could add that as a favourite, I would…

    – Revenant

  • Guendalyn
    Guendalynabout 2 years ago

    jes !!!

  • Sharon Brown
    Sharon Brownabout 2 years ago

    Well I am neither drunk or knackered but 8 is a good one. I’m sure some people do just tick all the boxes because they can’t be bothered to select the groups their work belongs in and leave it to the hosts to reject as necessary! I recently had a beach scene in one of my flower groups!
    I wish there was a rejection tab where we could write our own reason instead of me sometimes feeling compelled to send a bubblmail explaining my actions…although that doesn’t happen very often…but even once is enough, right?
    Well written Stefan.

  • Thomas Eggert
    Thomas Eggertabout 2 years ago

    LOL…….12) All of the above !!!