The Curiosity Rover

As you know, the great interplanetary monster that eats quite a lot of our Mars probes has let one through and now we’re spoiled for choice. What you don’t know is that I work for the JPL and they sometimes let me leak some of their findings. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t own up to this, but I know I can trust my RB friends. This is the latest from the Curiosity Rover’s vast array of optical equipment with a little bit of work enhancing the image:


  • Country  Pursuits
    Country Pursuitsabout 2 years ago

    LOL. Well, all I can say it thank goodness they havent sent a probe to Uranus.

  • I also have the gen on that one, but this is a family site. Tune in again after the 9 pm watershed.

    – Revenant

  • Marilyn Grimble
    Marilyn Grimbleabout 2 years ago

    What about Venus?

  • I imagine that Nasa JPL engineers are like most men and have absolutely no idea where the mons veneris lies.

    – Revenant

  • DeeZ (D L Honeycutt)
    DeeZ (D L Hone...about 2 years ago


  • Arcadia Tempest
    Arcadia Tempestabout 2 years ago

    Looks like a Man-kini would go down nicely there ;o)

  • If I knew what that was, I’d be sure to agree with you.

    – Revenant