Mac users and the © sign

How many years has it been since I stopped “using” a Windows PC and started “working with” a mac? Can’t remember, but I do miss the old alt + 0169 for the © sign.

And today I learnt what to do in OS X: option + g.

option + g!

It’s that simple…

I’m that simple…


  • © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D
    © Andrzej Gosz...almost 3 years ago

    Warmest sweet hugsssss Stefan ! That’s was my problem last day’s ! thank you Sir!
    Your Andrew !
    Ja sas !
    Signomi !!!!!

    Efcharisto poli !
  • You’re welcome.

    – Revenant

  • sentimentum
    sentimentumalmost 3 years ago

    Welcome to the wonderful world of mac,s ©

  • I went back to the wonderful world of mac in 2007 when they started having decent processors, but I’ve had a devil of a time convincing my clients that I could safely drop their windows system requirements down the drain.

    – Revenant

  • highbeam
    highbeamalmost 3 years ago

    Awww… just this easy©… great news to know. Profound thanks for that, especially good to know… and no one can have my Apple or take it from me. LOL A very helpful tool indeed.

  • evon ski
    evon skialmost 3 years ago

    mac daddy all the way. thanks for the timely tip. :))

  • Sometimes it feels like great-great-granddaddy, but thanks.

    – Revenant

  • IndraniYah
    IndraniYahalmost 3 years ago

    © alt plus 0169!!!!! thank you Stefan!