I am a artist from Brisbane who enjoys drawing art with a cartoony or mythological/supernatural bent (sometimes both at the same time).

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Gold Coast Libraries - "Art of Reading" exhibition

Hi All / The Gold Coast Libraries is having an exhibition on the Art of Reading / From their website: / “Submissions are invited for a unique exhibition, showcasing books and the ephemera of reading. Pieces could include recycled and re-imagined books, library bags, glasses, bookmarks and dust jackets, even a reading lamp or a multi-media book trailer.” / Deadline for submissions is F…
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15% Off Sale on Everything in my Store

Seeing everyone else is doing it - / To get 15% off anything in my store use this code on checkout – / retromancy_is_on_sale_1486 / Just in time for christmas :)
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15 Artists

Damien Mason asked for 15 artists that have influenced you (you aren’t allowed to think about it for too long – just 15 off the top of your head). Seems I remember the comic artists first (I have at least done one study of all of these guys styles and techniques at one stage or another) – of course they aren’t the only ones I’ve been influenced by but they are the on…
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Hi and Thanks

I’m quite bad at remembering to post in journals but i’d like to say thanks to all the people who have left kind comments on my art and especially to the people who have bought shirts (if you feel inclined to take a photo once you get them I’d love to see it). / I must admit I’ve become addicted to RB since joining a couple of weeks ago – so much good stuff to look a…
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