Copyright Information

Due to a recent copyright concern raised, I would just like to stress the originality of my work – I have updated my home profile to explain how I create my artwork.
I really don’t want to take any of my artwork off Redbubble, as I am happy with my portrait work. But if you notice any disappearing, you know why.
I hope that I have your support – thanks for stopping by! :)


  • Seth  Weaver
    Seth Weaverabout 5 years ago

    Your work is beautifully original! Art is so influence by so many factors it is easy for non-creative people to scream “UNORIGINAL” from time to time. God is the only person I know that is truly original.

  • Thank you so much for your comment!! It is so good to hear a bit of support when your pride is knocked like that hehehe. And your last comment is so so true!

    – Lauren Eldridge-Murray

  • Anita Inverarity
    Anita Inverarityabout 5 years ago

    Youuuuuuu are most original babe- no need to explain that. RB are fairly freaking out on the copyright front at the mo. I had probs too, but I explained my work to them and how it was created and got it sorted out. Hope you do too. There is a lot of “work” here that clearly breaches copyright but that does not include you HUGS AND SUPPORT xx

  • Thank you Anita! I have just read about your own similar problem – I can’t believe it happened to you too!!! xox

    – Lauren Eldridge-Murray