Peter Krause

Melbourne, Australia

Not an artist just an outsider trying to get somewhere in the artworld. Got a long way to go yet. Appreciate all the help I can get so...

Who'd have thought

Technology that is.
Well sometimes.
That somebody has developed an app to identify songs/music.
I’m one of dinosaurs who still plays cassettes. Yes audio cassettes. Remember them? And I still watch video cassettes (remember them?) but that’s another story. Just for the record I still only have an analogue TV. Cathode ray TVs – they even sound old now.
Back to the app. It’s great. Who’d of thought. Something that hears a track and searches the cyberspatial libraries and tells you what the song is. Truly amazing.
Even my weird music collection of mainly obscure tracks from the 70s, 80s and 90s and it has about a 60 per cent success rate. That’s pretty good knowing the stuff on my old cassettes. Which, just for the record, I never documented so I don’t know titles or the artists on most of the tracks. I used to also mix in all sorts of stuff borrowed from movies, TV shows, and real life as well. Sound collages if you will.
Now if I could only just digitize some of the really obscure stuff on those cassettes . . .

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