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Color in Your Hands – the Luminarian (Art &…

Know this now & forever, / For it has always been true. / YOU are your own reality / Of all that life holds for you.

Mirabella H. Lugubrious

She grumbled, groused, and griped. / Her demeanor set in stone, / Old Mirabella H. Lugubrious / Destined forever to be alone…
Mirabella H. Lugubrious (Art & Poetry) by Rhonda Strickland

Spirals of Life

Our understanding, is it limited / To only what we see? / Or do we seek a deeper knowledge / Beyond what we might be?
Full Flower Moon (art & poetry) by Rhonda Strickland

Soaring Way Up High

Oh the places I would go / If only I could fly. / Up just below the clouds, / Soaring in the sky. / Soaring way up high. / If only I could …
The Spirals of Life (art & poetry) by Rhonda Strickland Soaring Way Up High by Rhonda Strickland At End of Day III (Image & Poem) by Rhonda Strickland At End of Day II (Art & Poetry) by Rhonda Strickland At End of Day by Rhonda Strickland Solitary Sentinel by Rhonda Strickland

I’m Here

Does this mean that / I no longer matter? / As my light begins to fade, / And my memories begin to scatter. . . / Do I no longer matter?
Little Bird (an image & a poem) by Rhonda Strickland

Neon Porcelain

Questions seem to follow me, / With answers just ahead. / I reach & try to grasp just one / Grabbing empty air instead.

Dirty Pretty Things

So now I’ll pull the trigger / Feeling the pleasure that it brings. / Knowing that I tricked you / With my dirty, pretty things…
Dirty Pretty Things (Art & Poetry) by Rhonda Strickland Neon Porcelain  by Rhonda Strickland I'm Here (poetry & art)  by Rhonda Strickland

No Way Out

He had been alone for so long now / He wasn’t sure if he could allow / Himself to trust another human / He didn’t know if he e…

Hide and Seek

They used their bright minds to create for themselves / An imaginary world of fairies and elves. / I’ll bet if you tried you could think up…

When the Wind Comes Down the Mountainside

It seems as if all is breathless, / For the moment the wind is still. / No life is seen a’stirring / As you gaze above the sill.

Possibly Maybe, Probably Not. . . (the poem)

Oh how I love the feel / Of that sacred one first Kiss. / Can it be the start of / A love that should not be missed?
The Old Goat Tree (poetry & music) by Rhonda Strickland


Look, look more closely, / Can you see what might be wrong? / The beauty stands before you / Stunning glory shines so strong.


Did you ever long to recall / Days when I was so very small? / When I cried out for you to come near, / You helped to ease my childish fear.

Treacherous Encounters a story poem by RestLeSsD

Was it really worth all this? / Could this pain be justified? / For a love so forbidden / By those who had never tried.
Come Down in Time by Rhonda Strickland

What Do Dogs Dream?

Once upon a time, / Or two times it would seem / There was a little dog / Who lived only to dream.

Love Me Like a River Does

In the quiet of these moments, / In the solitude of the dark. / I sit alone and think of you / And feel that sudden spark.
Arkaik Tour Hoodie ~ Bloodletting Tour 2010 by Rhonda Strickland The Mermaids Tale by Rhonda Strickland Imperfection by Rhonda Strickland

The Child in Us

The Child in Us by RestLeSsD / Oh to be a child again, / If only for one day. / No worries, cares or troubles, / Just thinking of games to …
The Raven (image and poem) (Favorites: 28) by Rhonda Strickland My One & Only Chance by Rhonda Strickland Treacherous Encounters by Rhonda Strickland Close Your Eyes & See by Rhonda Strickland Indifference (Art, Poetry & Music) by Rhonda Strickland When the Wind Comes Down the Mountainside by Rhonda Strickland Triad (Image, poem & song) by Rhonda Strickland

The Old Goat Tree

Little ones please listen well / This is a story I must tell. / To help to keep your sanity / When walking past the old goat tree.
Embryonic Journey (Art & Poetry) by Rhonda Strickland Utopia (War is Over Now) by Rhonda Strickland

She Cries Your Name

Come home to me my children / I am so lonely now. / I crave your sweet attention / Any time that you will allow.

The Village Cat

I wonder if he’s happy, / Does he love his carefree life? / Does he long to be a housecat? / With no struggles and no strife?

Can’t Find My Way Home

You are like a lost soul searching / Never really knowing where to look. / Or even knowing what you need. / Your life is an old, sad book.
Tangerine (Love Is) by Rhonda Strickland Galaxy of Emptiness by Rhonda Strickland Can't Find My Way Home (image, poem & music) by Rhonda Strickland

Pretty as You Feel

She caught herself this morning, / Cursing at herself. / She said you’re ugly, you’re so fat, / She said I hate myself.
Pretty as You Feel (24 Features, 32 Faves) by Rhonda Strickland

Web of Collective Unconsciousness

The excesses begin to arise, / The seeds germinate at will. / This vegetative elasticity / Drains beyond the window sill.

Monterey (just a little ditty)

Oh California, Monterey, / You’ll be my home till my dying day. / I’ve grown too fond to say goodbye. / My home’s the bes…
Blood of Me (an image, a poem, a song) by Rhonda Strickland


Our time together was very good. / I regret not a single day. / I hope you feel as I do, / Though it will never again be that way.
Man of Constant Sorrow by Rhonda Strickland

Constant and Sure

Dreams in quiet thinking, singing waters flow. / Bubbling over green, mossy rocks. / Under a blanket of shade of midevil days, / Away from …
Maybe (Only for One Day) (an image, a poem & a song) by Rhonda Strickland Eulogy (Who Am I?) (an image, a poem, a song) by Rhonda Strickland

Bridge of Sighs

We will weigh the options & the worth of love / We will look below, we will look above. / Will well turn to see if we care enough / To …
46 & 2 by Rhonda Strickland You Promised Me Forever (Art & Poetry) by Rhonda Strickland

Lost You

I cannot go any further. / I am lost alone, it’s true. / I cannot exist any longer, / I know I have lost you.
I Need Some Sleep (Lost You) an image, a poem, a song) by Rhonda Strickland

Sail on

Each and every afterthought, / Let them be your guide. / Be it known to anyone / That you’ve no need to hide.
Dreamweaver (Sail On) (an image, poem & song) by Rhonda Strickland I Will Always Love you (an image, a poem & a song) by Rhonda Strickland Is Your Love Strong Enough (an image, a song & a poem) by Rhonda Strickland


If per chance / We find someone to share / Some part of our journey, / We may hope that they / Have chosen a similar destination.

A Song of Loss

For a thought has just now landed; / Love is a Dream, grasping for Reality / Which comes back Empty Handed.
San Jacinto (Desert Sunset) by Rhonda Strickland Crystal Anxiety (square curves & a poem) by Rhonda Strickland Cry for Me (an image & a poem) by Rhonda Strickland

Just Wait

But there is more to life, much more, I know. / I must find my own, not so easily go. / I peer about at all who have love and wonder; /…
Galactic Boutonniere (fractal kaleidoscope & poem) by Rhonda Strickland Deja vu? (art and poem) by Rhonda Strickland

War (Through the Eyes of a Child)

This thing of war, so foolish and sick. / The smell of death, so smoky & thick. / When some become greedy and selfishness rules / Men f…

Sights of Life

As I stand in the foaming sea / I grasp that God has created this just for me. / His sky of brilliance reigns over me, / His sea of freshne…

Careless Eyes

I think to myself: Control, / for it never turns out the way / it should.
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