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September 2012

Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition…
September 2011 ~ Before & After

Mystical Adventures II
by restlessd

August 2011

Featured Artist July 29, 11
March 2011 Juried Invitational of Solo Exhibition

Week of MARCH 12, 2011

Aug 8, 2010 Before and After

Don’t You Love Me Anymore?
by restlessd

January 2011

April 2010

Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition…

My Most Featured Image

Bridge of Sighs

March 2010

Thank you to all who have viewed, commented and favorited my art & writing.

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Maggie May

Hello, I am RestLeSsD (RLS are my initials D stands for designs). My main media is Photoshop. I create 3D art & images in Incendia & Apophysis and use these in my creations formed in PS. I also use Picture Window Pro and Corel Photo. I have an Associates degree in Science Multimedia acquired in 2001; a happy accident as I took a Bitmap Imaging class at the local jr. college one summer. This opened a door of opportunities that I never knew existed and a new career for me; a web & graphic designer at my own little company called RestLeSs Designs.
I have also been writing poetry as far back as 1968 and and am so excited to have found Redbubble where I can now share that work with the world!!! Such an exhilirating, validating thing for me as one of my life goals has been to illustrate my writings. Since joining RB I have begun to embark on that bucket list item. And now being able to create my own Blurb book with my images & poetry, it’s almost indescribable how wonderful that is. Guess what everyone is getting as a gift from me? LOL
Thanks for letting share this here… I appreciate it…

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This RedBubble place is quite a wonderful one. I have been involved since August 09 & I have been welcomed, embraced, inspired and encouraged beyond anything I had ever even considered possible. I loved it here for the longest time but it has evolved into a more commercial place so I don’t hang her as often as I used to. I am still amazed at the amount of fabulously talented individuals there are here. I am honored to be among all of you.


Kaleidoscope Show

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Autumn Evening

My abstract side finally got brave enough to crawl from under the covers and start to dance… And I am so happy that it found a place to do so. . . Where else but Redbubble would I be able to create to my hearts desire and have people, actual talented artists appreciate and even reward me for these expressions of dreams and music inspirations? What a total and complete salvation and pleasure for this to be happening. . . honestly, sincerely, truthfully.

So, my abstract side – it is taking me to worlds only imagined in my minds eye. As eon . says above, our grandparents could never have believed what is able to be created with this new tech. Even James Cameron said that 10 years ago when he was thinking up his ideas for the movie Avatar he knew he could not make that movie back then. He had such a vision of how he felt it should be presented that he waited. He knew one day there would be the technology created that would help him paint the picture of what he was writing exactly the way he viewed it in his mind and wanted to to convey it.

Back to my abstract side; It has always been there, lurking, hiding, not really knowing how to express itself. And the few times it did dare to come into the daylight it was usually laughed at or chased away. No more, no more. . . With the encouragement of the talented, friendly, awesome artists (some who have become friends) I am able to finally feel free enough, encouraged enough, inspired enough to step out of the box & wave my freak flag :o) Thank you RB & my RB villages for doing that for & with me….


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The 19th SoJie Awards (Sep 2012)

MY WORK HAS BEEN NOMINATED FOR SoJie 19! / / Today is the Greatest Day / by restlessd /   /   / Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition… /   / I am very excited to have my art selected to exhibit in SoJie 19. SoJie 19 takes its name from the first letters of Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibition. 91 other artists, besides myself, have human figurative art o…
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Arkaik's Metamorphignition AVAILABLE NOW!

Arkaik 2012 / by Rhonda Strickland / [Video] / My son’s band Arkaik’s 2nd CD is now available for Pre-Order. / Below is the tittle track off Arkaik’s New Sophomore Album Metamorphignition / Help support by pre-ordering the new album and get our debut album “Reflections Within Dissonance” for only $5!!! / Metamorphignition / by Rhonda Strickland / Go to Arkaik.net for…
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My Son's Bands 2nd CD Release Date Announced

At long last Arkaik’s sophomore CD release has been announced. Below are teaser vids of songs from the Album Metamorphignition. Release date: October 9th worldwide. / TEASER VIDEO: / [Video] / Some preview music and artwork from the upcoming sophomore album titled “Metamorphignition” which will be released October 9th 2012 on Unique Leader Records. / [Video] / Soliloquies Of T…
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Arkaik's 2012 US Tour Dates Announced

My son’s band, ARKAIK, will be part of the U.S. Torture tour with Cannibal Corpse, Exhumed and Abysmal Dawn. / 4/05/2012 Freebird Live – Jacksonville, FL / 4/6/2012 The Soapbox – Wilmington, NC / 4/7/2012 Lincoln Theater – Raleigh, NC / 4/08/2012 V Club Live – Huntington, WV / 4/9/2012 The Orange Peel – Asheville, NC / 4/10/2012 The Canal Club – Richmond, VA / 4/12/2012 Higher Ground – Sout…
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