Hey there, Somehow you`ve made it to my profile…

I`ll tell you a little about who I am, and what it is I do..

Name`s Scott Robinson, I`m a Graphic designer, Illustrator, skateboarder, not all at the same time though..

I`ve been a graphic designer most of my working life ( about 10 years now), which seemed a logical progression from drawing all over everything I own.

I really enjoy design, it keeps my brain active for the most part. I don`t dig ditches, I draw pictures. And as I`ve done both, I know which i prefer.

I`ve been skateboarding since just before my tenth birthday, and I love it as much now as I did then, It`s been a huge part of my life, I owe a lot to skateboarding,

The last few years I`ve been primarily involved in skateboard design, for local and small international companies, as well as my own range of products. I`m truely blessed to be able to combine two passions. .

Other than that, I produce the works you see here at redbubble, which take up whatever free time I may have had left over.

I`m a pretty open guy, hit me up with any questions you may have…..


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Want to watch me draw a Skate Graphic?

So, I`ve been given the immense honour of being part of the Z-Flex skateboards, Jay Adams 35 year Anniversary skateboard deck, and we`ve filmed a little something about it. / From Concept to Completion, this is how Skate Art is made. / Check it here: / Z-FLEX 35 YEAR ANNIVERSARY / First video down on the page. / ps, That`s not me a the end putting the graphic onto the board, but that is me throug…
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