Greenville, United States

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Emergence of the lion, and the boredom.

i started my lion, and finished it in a couple days of doodling at work. I’m not sure what I think yet, I might redraw it.

the boredom picture took at least a week to draw, there was a lot of small detail that was difficult with a ball-point pen. each of the parts represent in some way the girl I’m head-over-heels for, but I haven’t told her that. I’m not sure if I can/will.

Looking for some original feudal art... lions, to be exact.

So i’m drawing a tat for a buddy, he wants a big feudal style lion, from the side view, tong lolling out. I think he’s going to get it done in red ink, but I’ll draw the rough with a black ink roller pen.

what i need is some good, fairly original feudal lions to go off of. any suggestions/thoughts/ideas?