A creative person at heart, I’ve developed a love of photography and photomanipulation.

I hope you enjoy my photography and the images I create.

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No re-editing requests, please!

I am very flattered that there are people who like my work and want to have a go at re-editing the image, however, please leave my work alone, ok? I have already edited and ‘shopped it to the point where I think it makes a good image. I won’t be sending my original pictures for anyone to edit. My art is my art, your art is your art… though I will happily collaborate with anyo…
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Hello Bubble Land!

I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Erin, though most people, especially in the online world, know me as Ren. I get called Ren almost as much as my real name which I kind of like. / I started doing photography when my partner wanted to upgrade his kit. I offered to buy his – a Pentax MZ50 film camera which, I must say, was rather wonderful in it’s simplicity. I learned to…
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