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"But who IS Michelle?"

Somebody recently b-mailed me asking me that very question. They said, “I see your pictures, I read your journals, you’ve got your writing, but who _IS Michelle?” They went on to talk about how we all find different ways to express ourselves, but to truly understand, we need to know where the other person is coming from. So who is Michelle? Part of the answer (from third-person perspective):

Michelle is a daughter / sister / granddaughter / girlfriend / friend / co-worker / acquaintance / old classmate / caregiver.

Michelle is very family-oriented. Her best friend is her sister. Holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas are her favorite times of year because she gets to see her family.

Michelle is a nurse. She went straight out of high school into an accelerated nursing program, and finished an Associate’s Degree within two years.

Michelle is a pet-owner, currently of one dog, one cat, and one fish. In the past she has had other dogs & cats, goats, anole lizards, hamsters, gerbils, and mini-rex rabbits.

Michelle is a bit obsessive compulsive at times, including but not limited to using proper grammar, to-do lists, how things are arranged in the medicine cabinet, and which way the light switches face.

Michelle is a February-born person, but isn’t a big fan of the Snow Belt’s winters. She much prefers summer and autumn. Spring is too mushy where she lives.

Michelle loves to bake/cook, write, photograph, read, sing / play music, even though things don’t always turn out the best.

Michelle is a RedBubble addict.

There is much more to Michelle than these things, but like I said at the top – this is only part of the answer.

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