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What a day! - or should I say weekend?

Oh boy. Let’s start with Friday. My work schedule – which started today – was supposed to go up on Friday, and didn’t.
On Saturday morning Johnny (my love) called and woke me up on his way home from work telling me to get ready, “we’re going to Eau Claire!” We travelled the three hours to EC, bummed around a bit, then went to check in to our hotel. He was really tired having only managed 6 hours of sleep within the previous 48 hours, so I let him nap for 2 hours while I watched the movie Major League – which was funnier than I remembered it being. I tried calling work again – still no schedule. When he woke up, we went bumming a bit more and ate at T.G.I. Friday’s. Then he decided to go crash, so I made a surprise visit to some good friends from high school, Ally & Jess. Found out my brother was in EC visiting some of his friends there, so Ally & I went to meet up with them for some bowling – which I was horrible at, as usual. Jess stayed at the apartment because her mom happened to be in town visiting her, as well. Afterwards, around 10 o’clock we went downtown for a cup of coffee and good conversation. A friend of hers from down there – also named Jess, so we’ll call her Jess2 – met us there after while. We conversed some more, then Ally, Jess2, & I went back to Ally & Jess1’s apartment. We hung out some more. Headed back to the hotel at about 2am.
Sunday, we woke up and went to eat. Afterwards, I called work. STILL no schedule. RIDICULOUS. I was beyond unhappy. Bummed around a bit. Finally got a call: “Schedule’s up, you work with me on 2-10s tomorrow & Tuesday.” ‘Bout time I heard something. Bummed around more. While bumming, my mom called. “Kris passed away last night.” I was shocked. I mean, she’s been fighting brain cancer for about 3.5 years now and hasn’t been doing well lately, but it sounded like she’d be here until the middle of this month…I was going to visit her on my day off this week…Switched my day off so I could go to her funeral instead. At least she’s not suffering any more. I feel bad for Larry, too – I wonder what he’ll do now that she’s gone…
Came home late last night, then worked today, and it was crazy busy. MaryJo & I did the wrong set of paperwork for tonight, which means twice as much tomorrow to fix our error. Talk about stress! Then I was called “The Fascist Nurse” by one of my residents, because I didn’t bring him his evening medications “right now” (I was dealing with an emergency with another resident.). He then proceeded to tell me that some people just don’t understand the concept of priority. I couldn’t have agreed more.
Now here I sit, listening to some Foo Fighters, mumbling along about my not-quite-exciting life, and thinking about how hideous the weather is outside. We skipped frost altogether and went straight for snow this year. And we’re supposed to get 1 foot by morning – 26 cm or so by my guesstimation. It’s cold & very, very windy. It’s not even pretty, either. Winter always comes too soon and stays too long up here.

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