Apologies to my RB friends and members.

The last five months have been really busy for me . My Aunt has gone into a home suffering from Dementia which means as Power of Attorney I have to handle all of her affairs which includes selling her house . As well as that I am the sole carer for my father who has Parkinsons Disease and my mother who suffers from arthritis, both in their late eighties . I guess what I’m trying to say is sorry to all of you who have made a comment on my work and not received a reply . I am doing my best to get back to you . The people on here are very kind and the least I can do is say thank you when a comment is made . As cook,cleaner,carer,and now Attorney I find it hard to make time for fun on RB. Once I have stopped drowning in red tape and the house is sold I should have more time to comment and reply . I really do appreciate your comments and my apologies once again . Kind regards ,Mark.

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