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My birthplace and home is on the East Coast of America…the MidAtlantic State ~ NJ. I’m delighted to have stumbled upon redbubble in summer of 2009 and hope to share a bit of myself, and the world as I see it, spiritually, visually and geographically, with all who happen to enter my Central Jersey Bubble.
I can’t make a profile page without mentioning the Person I love more than words can say….Jesus. He is my All in all. His Life~ laid down for mine, for all eternity! It is my sincerest prayer that you all would come to know Him as I do. xo
Jesus rarely comes where we expect Him; He appears where we least expect Him, and always in the most illogical connections. Oswald Chambers
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My husband and I, along with our grown son and daughter, dwell within an hour of the Atlantic Ocean and are surrounded by rolling hills, fields and woods….it’s not all suburbia! =) I am finding the world is not as big as I once thought, thanks in a large part to Redbubble. A big thx to all of you who have visited my gallery and especially to those of you who have become my RB friends! I hope, in some small way, that my photos have a positive effect in your life, as so many of your photos and artwork have in mine!

Happy Bubbling! =)

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How to Copy and Paste in iMac?

I just switched from a Dell System using microsoft and Mozilla Firefox to an iMac using OSX Lion and Safari. I am not a computer wizard and have NO idea why i am not able to copy and paste URL’s now. I’m putting this post out there in hopes that someone else sees it and can help me figure this out. The option i no longer get when i right click on a photo is ‘view image info&#…
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RedBubble HomePage Feature!! =)

Featured on 15 July 2013 ~ Hidden From Us ~ by reindeer / From Homepage – scroll to see under ‘Found by RB’. =) / Delighted and honored to be featured in the homepage collage!!! Thank you very much!!!
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Two Sales!!

Thanks to KC Bolton for purchase of Crown Fountain….. / Much Appreciated! / And thanks to anonymous for purchase of, King Harvest Has Surely Come….. / Cheers! =)
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Thank You...for the Maggie sales!

Thanks to the buyer of prints and cards of Maggie and the wisteria! VERY much appreciated! Hope you enjoy them! =)
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