Reflection is a derivative of r e f l e x i o, a late Latin (14th century) word describing bending back, as in light.

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Selenium toned negative

Studying at the CCP we recently selenium toned a negative to intensify (increase density range). We ere provided with a negative copy of an Ansel Adams photograph of Mt Williamson. See the original below. / So I developed a control copy the same scene, from a from a negative copy of the original. Reasonable to say that I under developed the print, so I am no Ansel. Shown below is a scanned cop…
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The power of a photograph.
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stumbleupon redbubble

I did a little experiment with Stumbleupon referrals to Redbubble over the weekend. / I used the feature on these two images… / On both occasions the Stumbleupon referral generated ~100 and ~160 visits to the associated Redbubble photo on the day I submitted the page to Stumbleupon. Excellent I hear you saying. / Well hang on just a second. I also checked the Google analytics to see how s…
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The next camera... gigapixel

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