I Made It To The Home Page ! Thanks Newcastle Group !

Tonight one of my images got onto the Home Page after entering a Newcastle Group Competition. Which was very exciting to see as soon as you get on RB at night ! Thanks to whoever selected the images for the Home Page and decided to include my photo ! It’s a great honour and many thanks to everyone who comments on my work !!!

I Made It To The Home Page Today !

Congratulations to all of the other Artists who are on the Home Page today, especially the other three from Newcastle ! They are Mark Snelson, Naomi Frost, and Jacob Jozwiak.



I Sold My First T-Shirt !

I would like to say a Huge Thank You to Stevie Millgate one of the hosts of the Extreme Sports Photography Group for buying one of my Skate T-Shirt designs called " Skatetribe – City Air " ! I hope you really Digg your shirt if you read this Stevie ! Thanks again for the first comment on that design when it went up on RB about an hour ago !

My first T-Shirt sale on RB since I put the first design up a couple of weeks ago now. I feel very happy ! The T-Shirt design can be seen by clicking here
Thanks also to every last person that takes the time to comment on my work ! I appreciate that investment in time and love to communicate with people about Art and anything else that gets mentioned.



My First Sale ! Thank You Very Much ! I am Cheering ! : D

I made my first sale on RedBubble – a card ! Cheering ! A validation of sorts ( for this Art passion, obsession ) and a great feeling as well !

Big thanks to Muscular Teeth one of the coolest people I have met on RB ! A great RB mate, a funny guy, and a great person with a great attitude to life and people. May he " Kill it " on the music charts one day with his innovative, and very cool + intelligent musical out-fit called Sontage. If you haven’t heard his music, you should. It’s a great ambient blend of mellow Drum and Bass, cool 1950’s and 1960’s voice-overs, techno, loops, and synthesizers. You can dance if you want to, but if you don’t and you want to hear some cool beats and listen to music that fires up your imagination, then Sontage i…

Australian Skateboarding Culture Over The Last Thirty Years

It seems like a million years ago since the first time I ever rode a skateboard for the first time in 1974. My life has changed, as I have, in so many ways that each new phase of life brought new attitudes and ways of being that were often radically different to those which preceded them. However, most of these changes were more of a gradual evolution than a sudden revolution, and sometimes the changes I was going through were almost imperceptible to me. This is almost exactly how skateboarding has changed over the years from the flowing, surf orientated style of the early 1970’s to the way that people skate today.

I have learned so many tricks that at some stages I did not believe I could ever learn, as well as others which I could not even conceive of in earlier times. Skateboardi…

Skateboarding And Art

Skateboarding is on some levels a form of physical artistry. You develop your own style, your own skating is influenced by the skaters whose skill you admire, and you become keen to learn certain tricks that interest you. In the process of becoming an artist we become inspired to create art. As our skills develop we begin to notice the work of others and we develop the ability to determine what techniques were used by that artist to create their piece of art and open our mind to the creative possibilities for our own arts practice.

I love to skate and I have been hooked ever since I first stepped on a board in 1974 and just tried to gain my balance and keep riding. Skateboarding influences a person’s lifestyle, musical tastes and attitudes. Every area of life is transformed either subtly …

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