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Over 400,000 Views Of My Gallery Since January 2008

About 2 weeks ago I finally crossed the 400,000 view Milestone that I had been watching slowly approaching. It was a nice feeling!

The Screen Shot of the Total Views

I read about the Red Bubble Art & Design web site in a Graphic Design magazine about half a year before I finally got around to visiting this site and deciding to become a Member. I was keen to see whether it was possible for me to sell any work here and to get some feedback on my work from people who I’d never met before.

In those first couple of hours it felt amazing to receive feedback from people in other parts of Australia and other Countries. It was also incredible to be able to view the work of Amateurs and Professionals from all over the place – to see what images they were creating, to try and discern how they were making them and to challenge myself to improve the quality of my own work in response to what I had seen.

This web site has enabled me to re-assess everything that I do when I’m making images, right from the first idea or inspiration through to how I process/treat images and arrive at a finished image. I’ve learned so much about image creation from this web site, mainly by just examining the images I view, not so much by doing any Tutorials – I don’t like doing them (tedious). I’ve allowed every image/written work I’ve seen here to influence me and to change my viewpoints and attitudes, but I go through a process where I take note of a style or technique and then try to forget about it almost entirely – letting those influences come out in my own work later on, with my own mix of influences all stirred together.

About 2 weeks ago I finally crossed the 400,000 view Milestone that I had been watching slowly approaching. It was a nice feeling!

I’ve also met countless Artists online at Red Bubble (from all over the world), and had many interactions with them that just blew my mind – totally unexpected stuff that’s been so much fun and so rewarding!

Thanks to everyone who has commented on my work, replied and also sent me e-mail via Red Bubble. It’s been amazing and I’ve really appreciated all of it.


James :-))


  • TomBaumker
    TomBaumkerover 2 years ago

    BIG CONGRATULATIONS my friend. I have only had 120,771 so far. Tom

  • Thanks a lot Tom, I hope you are feeling well! Congrats on your number of views, too. Who could imagine attaining such numbers when we first deliberate whether our work is good enough and whether we should even join Red Bubble? :))

    – reflector

  • Donna19
    Donna19over 2 years ago

    I am not surprised. Your a wonderful artist and we love to view really good work. Thanks for sharing. Keep them coming and can you possible sit still long enough to write? I am giving you my pretty please face right now. :))x

  • Thanks for your fantastic support over the last few months (or is it a Year, already?) ! I’ve been somewhat Hyper-Active since birth and I can’t see it changing in the decades ahead – I always have far more energy than I ever use up! I could write some more, when I “Tap-In” and feel inspired – not today, but pretty soon. Your face would look even nicer with a smile – it’s the same for everyone! :)))XOX

    – reflector

  • jammingene
    jammingeneover 2 years ago

    Congrats Donna..☺☺☺

  • Thanks a lot Jammingene! Apart from Donna19 above, there are no Donna’s In The House – my name is James. :-)) I photograph this incredible, miraculous world seeking to fully convey it’s magic and how beautiful it can be – everywhere I find the evidence. I let that perfection evident in Nature inspire the way I approach Photography, Graphic Design and Photo-Editing and I don’t get distracted by thinking “that looks Girly”, I just want to make imagery that appeals to the eyes – regardless of being Male or Female.

    – reflector

  • jammingene
    jammingeneover 2 years ago

    Sorry James, I looked at it wrong..LOL

  • No worries! I won’t abuse a Drummer, I don’t want to to Slapped with a Drum Stick! :))

    – reflector

  • Laura Robson
    Laura Robsonover 2 years ago

    400,000 views, that’s astonishing. Well done!

  • Thanks for dropping by Laura! Next January, I will have been on Red Bubble for 5 years.

    I wanted to send you a Bubble mail (but there’s no button yet on your Profile Page so you need to enable that capability in your Account Settings, if you want to – everyone I know here does it, it’s lots of fun and interesting to “talk” to Artists all over the world!) to encourage you to just start uploading your best images right now, no matter what level you feel your work is at currently. You’ll find you become inspired/determined to improve the quality of your Artwork just by seeing stuff here.

    Although I’ve since deleted or hidden the first few images I ever uploaded to Red Bubble, here’s a few examples of the first work that I ever posted here -

    Reflector’s Old Work

    Just Go For It! You’ll really learn a lot here on RB and your Photography and Arts Practice will expand and progress through nothing more than looking at the work of other Artists. Some of the Greatest Photographers, Graphic Designers and Digital Artists in the world display their work here on RB and that will amaze and motivate you.

    – reflector