My Photography, Art and Design is heavily influenced the natural environment and it’s complexity and vivid colours and also by the Advertising that saturates our suburbs, our media, and even our own lives to a certain degree. I have always admired great Art and Design – be it contemporary, the old masters, or even tribal art. In the last couple of years my fascination with Digital Art and Design has grown into a lasting passion. I enjoy the whole creative process from beginning to end and seek to discover and portray the world in all of it’s rich, intense colours and interesting forms, textures and subjects. I draw inspiration from the harmonious colour schemes often present in the natural environment when creating my Graphic Designs, or composing a Photograph or other work.

I like to capture all kinds of subject matter including macro’s, nature shots, landscapes, action/candid shots and anything that catches my eye, is visually interesting, or involves a great challenge to capture well. All the disciplines of photography involve slightly different methods and considerations to capture a high quality shot, and I’m always keen to improve the standard of my Digital Photography and Digital Art. I also really enjoy creating Montages, Graphic Designs, Animations, Interactive Interfaces, Sound Effects, Web Designs and writing Poetry occasionally.



  • Age: 51
  • Joined: January 2008


Create Photo Panoramas With Free Microsoft Software!

Create Photo Panoramas With Free Microsoft Software!! / A few days ago I wanted to make a panoramic image by joining together two shots of a rural scene, but Photoshop Elements 7 kept crashing when I tried to start a new Photomerge Panorama. I uninstalled then re-installed the Program hoping that would fix the problem. I also downloaded some Patches/Updates and tried to use it after that. The Pho…
Posted about 1 year – 2 comments

Three Items Sold This Month!

Three Items Sold This Month! / I was very pleased to get an e-mail this morning notifying me that I’d sold a Photographic Print on Red Bubble! That makes 3 sales this month and that makes it one of my most successful months since I joined this web site. / 1x Photographic Print (Medium) of Rolling Swells / 1x Greeting Card of Ritual Behaviours / 1x Photographic Print (Medium) of Beach Lovers…
Posted almost 2 years – 10 comments

Over 400,000 Views Of My Gallery Since January 2008

About 2 weeks ago I finally crossed the 400,000 view Milestone that I had been watching slowly approaching. It was a nice feeling! / The Screen Shot of the Total Views / I read about the Red Bubble Art & Design web site in a Graphic Design magazine about half a year before I finally got around to visiting this site and deciding to become a Member. I was keen to see whether it was possible for…
Posted about 2 years – 10 comments

How Can/Do You Send A Bubblemail To Someone You Aren't "Watching"?

Red Bubble has recently undergone a change to it’s design and layout and it’s hard to find some of the links/buttons that I have used before to get things done when visiting the site. / I want to send a Bubble Mail to someone who is not on my Watch List, but I can’t see a button called “Send Bubble Mail” that used to be visible on an Artists Profile page. In fact, I …
Posted over 2 years – 6 comments

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