Photographic artist living in Tasmania, Australia.

It’s probably a little late in the year, but I have just added a 2009 Calendar to my page. I hope it finds favour with some of you.

For me, photography is a goal to achieve perfection within the camera. (I wish it happened more often)! Each time I take a picture I try to create a precise little microcosm – an interesting subject, flattering light and an exact moment. Usually my subjects are from nature and often are from the Australian bush.

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Please let me know if you enjoy my work.

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!Mr_Garlic_delivers_his_Maiden_Speech-.jpg ! / I have been a member of RedBubble for just under a month now and am totally immersed. The site is truly excellent! / In my view the best reason for being on here is the interaction between members. How great it is to easily present your work, have it critiqued by others and be able to view and comment on work by thousands of talented and passionate a…
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