Spirit aroused

swelling my being , spirit aroused once again. / The grief has been left behind in memories store,

This Little Seed …(repost for Mothers Day)

But not so alone , it seems. / Dreaming asserts itself bravely. Demanding fulfillment. / A shift of thought, in programed mind.
Autumn Tapestry by Redviolin Accepting imperfections by Redviolin Mellow by Redviolin Autumn Light by Redviolin


You hold me there ….strong masculine upright, / and womanly contours undulating.

Positive Memories

Men congregate around spitting meat and onions. / Women ration out sunscreen and warnings
Threesome by Redviolin

The village

The gin-clear river that threads its way, / serpentine, settling in well-worn groove, / its meadowed banks shaded and crouching softly.

This Spell (repost)

Rising Water Table by Redviolin The Old Oak Tree in Snow by Redviolin


Rhythmically ,hungrily reaching for more entanglement, / But I lay teasingly , just out of reach.
Exquisite encounter by Redviolin River ,Tree's and Wombat Hole by Redviolin Raising the Flag by Redviolin

Slumbering Granite

Seductive curves made smooth by breath and tears . / Time applying a soft velvet ,patina, / cloaking, against the cold.
Waratah by Redviolin

The Turon

Weightless form is cleansed and limbs submerge, / caressing resistance delicious / but with ache.
Central West Dreaming by Redviolin Out back Mirage  by Redviolin Down by the Billabong by Redviolin Moon and Birch by Redviolin And the moon came rolling in by Redviolin


You hold me there ….strong masculine upright, / and womanly contours undulating. / Moss softened skin ….and dark hidden caves,

Adrift (repost)

Into another world, gentling , in micro climate of lush crook, / where gin clear water called to the forgotten water nymph in me.
Rusty Heights by Redviolin Embroided by Redviolin


Awoken by the breath of this place , / as it whispers in my ear.


They filter the suns low rays in conversation flowing , inviting me to join, / and join …I do….with eyes held wide , drinking in the silent…
My friend , Milo by Redviolin Scar by Redviolin Riding the wave by Redviolin Layers Worn by Redviolin New Life by Redviolin Flamenco by Redviolin Restored by Redviolin Celebrate by Redviolin Encroach by Redviolin Beach babes by Redviolin Through the blue by Redviolin Insect meanderings by Redviolin When the dust settles by Redviolin A Special Collection by Redviolin Bush land Eucalypt by Redviolin Wetting a line by Redviolin Water Lilly Gossip by Redviolin SAFE by Redviolin Old Sheep Yards , Morongla , NSW by Redviolin Desert and Ocean Dreaming with Boomerang by Redviolin The Old Shearing Shed by Redviolin Well Rounded by Redviolin Inert by Redviolin Abstract Dreaming by Redviolin Still Life Collection by Redviolin

Wild ( repost)

Your secret places’ do not lie….they are sacred, / nature paves the way …naturally ….allowing entry / into the core of you. / Let go…and fe…


Oxygen carrying a pregnant load, / interior treasures pulsing , / along sleeping pathways of feeling. / Coalesce in aching heart. / Im feel…

Distance (repost)

Its EVERYTHING, / as tangible as my skin that yearns and receives. / As real as my heart that beats faster ….at your touch. / With my eyes …
Roadside Apples by Redviolin Altered (A purge) by Redviolin Storm over the Lake by Redviolin VIVID by Redviolin Ethereal Forest 2 by Redviolin Ethereal forest by Redviolin Side view of Paper Mache bowl by Redviolin Paper mache Bowl  by Redviolin Spirit child by Redviolin Child of the Forest by Redviolin

Sustained (Repost)

I watch the heaving breath displace water at my feet. / Rhythmically ,hungrily reaching for more entanglement, / But I lay teasingly , just…

Free (repost)

Both the boundaries of our dreams. / The power of the infinite. / Where innocence once thought lost / returns newly wrapped.
Red Bird Dreaming by Redviolin Snapshot of a lovely friend by Redviolin Last light over the water hole by Redviolin A Keeper by Redviolin


When life throws me in the air to fall or fly, / turbulence, buffeting me harshly … challengingly. / I feel you standing, grounded wi…
Heavenly Tapestry  by Redviolin United  by Redviolin

Reconnecting (repost)

And I close my eyes and melt into the presence of you…saturating ,immersing. / I give myself up and step into a slipstream of sensation.
Central west Dreaming by Redviolin
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