Wild ( repost)

Your secret places’ do not lie….they are sacred, / nature paves the way …naturally ….allowing entry / into the core of you. / Let go…and fe…


Oxygen carrying a pregnant load, / interior treasures pulsing , / along sleeping pathways of feeling. / Coalesce in aching heart. / Im feel…

Distance (repost)

Its EVERYTHING, / as tangible as my skin that yearns and receives. / As real as my heart that beats faster ….at your touch. / With my eyes …
Roadside Apples by Redviolin Altered (A purge) by Redviolin Storm over the Lake by Redviolin VIVID by Redviolin Ethereal Forest 2 by Redviolin Ethereal forest by Redviolin Side view of Paper Mache bowl by Redviolin Paper mache Bowl  by Redviolin Spirit child by Redviolin Child of the Forest by Redviolin

Sustained (Repost)

I watch the heaving breath displace water at my feet. / Rhythmically ,hungrily reaching for more entanglement, / But I lay teasingly , just…

Free (repost)

Both the boundaries of our dreams. / The power of the infinite. / Where innocence once thought lost / returns newly wrapped.
Red Bird Dreaming by Redviolin Snapshot of a lovely friend by Redviolin Last light over the water hole by Redviolin A Keeper by Redviolin


When life throws me in the air to fall or fly, / turbulence, buffeting me harshly … challengingly. / I feel you standing, grounded wi…
Heavenly Tapestry  by Redviolin United  by Redviolin

Reconnecting (repost)

And I close my eyes and melt into the presence of you…saturating ,immersing. / I give myself up and step into a slipstream of sensation.
Central west Dreaming by Redviolin Heavenly Tapestry by Redviolin Koi Dreaming by Redviolin Swish by Redviolin My New Friend by Redviolin Transitted by Redviolin Past and Fushia by Redviolin Little Dromedary ( Najanuga ) by Redviolin Fisherman's Bend   ( Belubula River) by Redviolin Sensuous Slitherings by Redviolin KIN 2 (Painting in progress) by Redviolin


The effervescence of your being, captures, / intense , excitable bubbles, infinitely conjuring responses, involuntary


Domesticated me / Born into a tethered world of conditioning. / Learned from peoples ’ “befores”…a hard to shake prison. / Nothing spelled …
Summer Squall by Redviolin Abandon by Redviolin EDGE by Redviolin The Strength of Two by Redviolin

Release Me

I ride the current , down , down , down shedding inhibitions, / exploring , discovering limitless possibilities as I flow expansively.
Joyous Remnant by Redviolin Lakes edge by Redviolin Wild Bulrushes  by Redviolin Painting in Progress by Redviolin Exotic Bird by Redviolin

Quiet (Repost)

dripping with moisture and nurture, / visiting with myself , quietness allowing….. / and all the dross is gone, / as the magic moves in……

Art – an act of courage

It has been a baton handed on to us across centuries and through difference. It is an act of courage."

Swamped (Repost)

Reality….forever changing illusion, / floating on a cloud of nurture you believe. / Comfortable, safe, trusted, / then the cloud bursts ,

A Thought

Forgive and forget about finding fault. Love is the weapon of the future.
Hebel BooBook Owl by Redviolin Golden Gully by Redviolin Slab Pot by Redviolin

A Tale Of Two Friends.. (repost)

Winding road to Dreams End / Secret hills , bare breasted. / Disrobed years ago. / Heaving rhythmically along valley / Guiding serpentine r…
Blossom by Redviolin

Inhale , exhale ….delicious.

But all is enough, / as we fill up. / And flow over the void, / lips part / tongues slip in discovered places.

Filling Voids

Nature the great healer , and many kind folk to hold my hand. / A few years of childhood , cherished , nurtured ,enriched, / a life saved ,…
Residual Traces by Redviolin Time Out by Redviolin Headland  by Redviolin Aftermath by Redviolin Moist Tracery leaves a witness by Redviolin Severed by Redviolin

Adrift (repost)

Silken water caressing nubile flesh , calming and cooling and giving relief , / from pent up summers teenage tension expelled on the whispe…
Tumbled tracery by Redviolin Subtle Magic by Redviolin Windswept by Redviolin Sea offerings by Redviolin


Read , your story , with passion. / Stop reading the cover…plunge into the interior / and dare to breathe.

The Ocean Of Us

A strangled moan escapes your depths as you / breath me in..I am lost on a journey within as, / you draw me into your very lungs to make me…


Immersing eagerly in the magic , silken world of the senses, heart and spirit, / diving deeper , deeper into the extraordinary richness of…

Elusive (repost)

Let me caress you, hold you, lay you down. / Tenderly you are recieved , / as my blood moves excitedly.

Distance (repost)

My tongue traces inner lip , / sensuously smooth. / My imagination runs wild, / lips part , breath escapes / …I inhale and invite you in.

Inhale , exhale ….delicious….(repost)

In silence I float, / eyes closed / tuning in / remote. / I feel and see in my minds eye, / all that is kept from me. / Time suspends and w…
Embroided Sea lace by Redviolin Sensuous slitherings by Redviolin What the wind blew in by Redviolin Latent Beauty by Redviolin Shimmer  by Redviolin Awoken by Redviolin
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