I guess my favorite form of artwork is digital art. I’ve also favorited water coloring, witch is a good way to overcome your fear of painting, especially if you’re a real technical artist. My school is Willis High. My art teacher is really awesome and has helped allot in my art development.

BTW I’m on facebook :D

Here’s how things work. If if I’m watching you or you are watching me (or both), and there is hardly or no activity at all. I’m not going to watch you. I think it’s best to put the community part of this website to use.

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Other sites

I feel that I sould share some of the other sites I’m on: / redustheriotact.sheezyart.com / redustheriotact.deviantart.com / These are just art communities.
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i realized that I havent been doing much on redbubble. -_- That doesn’t mean I don’t care. I’m working on something right now thats pretty time consuming but once it’s finished, I’ll upload it.
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Online Comissions

I’ve just realized that I can do comissions! :D So yeah. / However this is my first time! So lets start small O_o / Anyone want a picture????
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DUDE! I created my profile yesterday. 9 pics and 59 VIEWS!!!!! / Anyways, just thought I could share that. _
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