the end of a personal era

It’s been a long time since I’ve journalled here at Redbubble. There’s not been any reason other than that I found I became incredibly busy and as is always the case (for me) when things get to that level of busy-ness something usually has to give.
For me, finding the ideal work/life balance meant that I haven’t been very active as a Redbubble artist.

Those of you who know what I do for a living will most likely see how ironic it seems to be a Redbubble artist who then joins the Redbubble staff but then doesn’t have the time to be the Redbubble artist that led her to the job in the first place….
Hmmm. It’s a weird enigma that bothered me more and more as time went by.

So, after 4 years as part of the Redbubble staff team I’ve resigned from my…

Star Wars - the Cello Wars

I’m too much of a Star Wars nerd not to have found this fantastic!!

You will like this
You will not dislike this

If you liked their sound, their other videos are worth a watch too :)