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Hi everyone, i am very happy to be here.
I happen to come across Red Bubble by Goggling for art to fined a healthy environment of artisans and here, i have found it, I’m overwhelmed by the versatility of the people and art on display.

Well i should tell you all something about my self, I have been taking photographs for over 30 years and all self tort, from film to digital, and “Ooh” how i love digital, my horizons are as far as my imagination can see now.
I do like to photograph anything that appeals to me no matter what, but i fined i have a knack for action shot of some sports
but mainly static pictures of cars, planes and trains, some times, landscapes.
I’m a Canon man and probably will remain a Canon man, the system has the versatility and quality that no doubt will see my life out, full of fun and enjoyment.
well i hope this gives you some insight into myself and is the start of a beautiful relationship were i can dwell in an inspirational home full of support and good friendships.

Col of the Red Earth.

  • Age: 59
  • Joined: October 2009