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Beware of long titles !!

I have already posted this into the group forums that I host but for those of you who are not in those groups (why not !! hahaha) – I thought I should pass on some information that has become a real ‘pain’ for me.

When buying a card or print I wasn’t very happy to see that most of title had disappeared.

I asked RB and this was the response – [thanks Jesse]

“Regarding this issue in general, the character limit is approximately 35 characters, however it will vary depending on the characters used.
We are currently looking into an effective way of conveying this variable information.”

This is an example of what happened to my title :
Belfry of the Church of Saint Lakovo of Persi, Corfu

but this is how it appeared:
Belfry of the Church of Saint Lakovo of …

I have had many titles similar to this.. and it does look awful on some of the titles – I only knew about it after they had been delivered to me

As I was unaware of this problem, I wondered how many more ‘Bubblers’ didn’t realise this either

I hope this has helped

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