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<b> I passionately love art. I gather such joy from expressing myself both traditionally and non-traditionally. Art allows me to express many complex and deep experiences. It allows me to share something intimate and inspiring of myself. Art, music and dance have surely balanced my life gracefully, allowing me the capability to channel a multitude of deep hidden feelings. It’s given me the ability to vent through many painful experiences with chronic illness and depression, helping me to understand what I was feeling. I believe reaching our inner beauty is about touching upon the dark and light aspects of ourselves and acknowledging that the soul has many faces-art provides a great source to reflect the soul honestly.

My creative goal is to share my art and contiously find out more about myself through creative forms. I wish that my art will inspire you in a multitude of ways. Thank you for appreciating my work!

Love & Peace,
Rebecca Susan Lemke

  • Joined: January 2008


Artists Supporting Other Artists

Looking around at so much beautiful art, I’ve really come to appreciate the different styles people have. I believe that each style is something that was contorted and curved against the very deep experience of each artist. Creative expression does weave around the interpretation of life, the way we digest all the data we take in through the senses. Even the other day, I made a black and wh…
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