Rebecca Lemke is a self taught abstract painter from the Midwest. Her painting journey begun as a vessel for communication after living through many difficult experiences growing up. Abstract art had become a way to express the inexpressible, to develop a new language that persisted purely of colors, shapes, energy and movement. Through this journey she reveled in learning to express her creativity freely as the process of her art started to grow from a painful passage into being able to express great joy and imagination through sharing art.

As Rebecca had begun to think about art as more in this way a new creative space had emerged. This was also the time when she had begun to share her works locally, being a part of the RAW Madison artists as well as sharing art in an abstract collaboration at Bright Red Studios. Lemke’s greatest values in life are to honor openness, passion, curiosity and inspiration. She connects to art as a form of visual poetry, her ever changing style contain bright intense energy and powerful fluidity.

  • Joined: January 2008


Artists Supporting Other Artists

Looking around at so much beautiful art, I’ve really come to appreciate the different styles people have. I believe that each style is something that was contorted and curved against the very deep experience of each artist. Creative expression does weave around the interpretation of life, the way we digest all the data we take in through the senses. Even the other day, I made a black and wh…
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