Stellenbosch, South Africa

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Even though my studies, work, and other hobbies often limit the amount of time that I can invest into honing my skills as a photographer (i.e. I am not on Redbubble very often), I am constantly being drawn back to this wonderfully expressive form of art. It captures the world in a highly unique way that is very much different to the art forms that occupy my free time; namely music and writing.

My photography consists mostly of human and animal portraiture, however, landscapes and buildings have been the focus point of my Canon 650D lately, which has been fun. I will hopefully add these shots to my portfolio at some stage. But for now, I hope you enjoy your look around my portfolio.

I give glory to Jesus for the talents and gifts that He has given me and I am thrilled to use photography as a means of showcasing His magnificent creation.

My first homepage feature…very, vey excited! :D

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My First Sale!!!!!

To anyone who is interested….. / I feel the need to shout out my news right now….. / I am currently very very excited!!!! I have just made my first ever sale on red bubble…….two greetings cards!!!!! WOW! Thanks so much to the person who bought them! I am so so stoked! Yippee! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! / These are the two that I sold:
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