Carrying Home the Stars

I’ve met my dream
In the shape of a mind,
in the shape of a heart,
in the shape of a goddess.
Housed in a church
of white linen,
singing night songs
made of day dreams,
and folding paper boats
out of pain,
kissing each one gently
before sending them downstream…

I would never have known
my dream existed beyond dreams,
were I not casting
one by one
shattered pieces of heart,
fishing for stars
in the shallows of her stream,
unable to resist it’s
spiral arm glow,
and her night song
woven into the sound
of it’s eternally falling waters.

soon my empty vessel filled
to the rim with starlight…

Daring to gaze over the brim,
into its bottomless depth

I found myself lost

Wrapped in the shimmering silver notes
of her falling water song…

Our pain mingled
forming stars from dust
to shine…
From my joy, a sadness was born
that she could not see this magic
that was her very own…

From my sadness, a light was born
in the form of a single wish;
to carry these stars
to the arms of their mother,

wiping the tears of loss from her cheek,
that I may catch the glimmer of of their reflection
in her night sky eyes,
for eyes such as hers
deserved no more tears…

A paper boat unfolds
into a map in my hands,
my spinning compass needle
anchored like a stone,
toward the headwaters
of this river of distant suns,
pointing the way


And should I find I’ve lost my way,
surely I must confess,
the journey was richly sown
with petal tears…


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Carrying Home the Stars by 

For a dear friend…


  • Avalone
    Avalonealmost 4 years ago

    Beautiful, love-filled write that could only come from a beautiful soul….and may you find your way ‘home.’ x

  • autumnwind
    autumnwindalmost 4 years ago

    you are incredibly beautiful – there is no doubt by the words you have written. not to mention your outrageous talent, as I feel your heart, your dreams, your gift and your losses, as I feel my own. what imagery you weave within your breathtaking words. what depths you reach to the core of our beings. we feel you and it is intense and it is beauty. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • You are beautiful Shar…truly, truly beautiful

    – Realms

  • Lisa  Jewell
    Lisa Jewellalmost 4 years ago

    oh my…………

    stunning x

  • Soaps
    Soapsalmost 4 years ago

    My God, this is so incredibly beautiful, it is like a song from a Shaman who does soul retrieval and gets back the parts that broke of in pain and fell to the earth’s core. I do hope you do not mind the comparison, but I loved this so. and folding paper boats
    out of pain,
    kissing each one gently
    before sending them downstream…

    I would never have known

    So moving and enchanting, it would make a lovely song………. Thank you for sharing this moment of magic with us. Soaps x

  • SimplyRed
    SimplyRedalmost 4 years ago

    oh dear you leave me breathless, with your beautiful soulful words :)

  • timbuckley
    timbuckleyalmost 4 years ago

    Words of syrup tell a honeyed tale from your delicate Petaled soul

  • artsmitten-digi
    artsmitten-digialmost 4 years ago


  • Blake Steele
    Blake Steelealmost 4 years ago

    So often you hang suspended, gazing into an endless abyss of dark, the Spiritus Mundi of all humanity, thinking it is actually only your own, and all the while Light pours through your oh, so unique soul, Bob, as a healing honey, bright, brilliant, weaving beauty which seems so miraculous, when you feel your hands are actually only wildly flailing at the dark. Poetry is making you a poem.

  • Cosimo Piro
    Cosimo Piroalmost 4 years ago

    what wonders your words bring for the struggling spirit to hear….such immense beauty that the memory is triggered to your bountiful vision…. a vision splendid to behold….a dream beyond dreams richly sown with petal tears….you are not only an amazing poet but also an insightful soul. Love your work Bob.

  • abigcat
    abigcatalmost 4 years ago


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