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San Diego, United States

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Most asked questions at my studio

I am going to post some of the most asked questions that people want to know when they meet me or come to my studio. These might help you if youre an artist and need to put together a bio and or an artist statement.

How long have they been painting? and when did you know you wanted to be an artist?

A. When I was five years old, I got into my mother’s paint by numbers set of the ship “The USS Constitution – Old Ironsides” and I got into it and finished the painting. With the left over paint created some other little paintings on paper and scraps of wood. I couldn’t wait to do another painting. Soon afterward, my aunt brought me a couple of art books and I discovered the French Impressionist painters. I liked Monet Gauguin, Sisley and Van Gogh the best and drawn to the brushstrokes and styles of these artist. I started copying these masters and gave the paintings to my relatives as gifts.

When I was around the age of six in public school art class I realized that I wanted to be an artist especially after a famous local artist, Anna Hyatt Huntington, who made sculpture came to visit us in class. My favorite things in school where “show and tell” and “art class”. Over the next few decades years I turned making and selling – painting into my vocation.

Q. What is you favorite thing to paint?

A. My favorite things to paint vary, and my favorite piece of art is usually the one I am working on at the time. While I am making it, whether it’s a cityscape, landscape, a portrait, or abstract the art belongs to me, and when the artwork completed I enjoy sharing it with the world. This is where my show and tell experience comes in.

Q. Of all your paintings, which is your favorite?

A. The one I’m working on or just completed.

Q. Are you from California?

A. I was born in California, grew up in Connecticut and reside in California now.

Q. Did you paint all these paintings?

A. Yes

Q. What are you paintings made out of?

A. They are acrylic, some are on canvas and some are on paper. Also some of my work is pen and ink.

Q.How do you paint outside on location?

A. Rarely do I paint outdoors, I am a studio painter and process for making my art pieces includes photography, drawing, painting, and field trips, where I visit sites to paint and discover new places at the same time. Being an avid photographer, I take many pictures of my subjects and when I return to the studio, I dissect them and compile new scenes on canvas or paper. I first make a small painting around 8 × 10 to 16 × 20 inches, if I like it; I move on to make a larger painting. I include the small paintings in a portfolio to show prospective clients.

What style is your art?

A. I think its somewhere a cross between realism with pop art colors and traditional.

More to follow :-)


  • cheetaah
    cheetaahover 6 years ago

    Great you wrote it here, beacuae I was going to email you and ask you some questions about the way you work, Yousaid you paint and paint and paint, well I don’t, the location/the space that I never had that affected me, now it’s been a year I have a TABLE and…….a room for me………but I’m not used to it, again I go to the living room and draw on my lap, but then I leave onthe couch or on the ground once I am interrupted……….and whenI get interrupted it is taking me a while to go and cotinue what I was doing….. so my question is what kind of oil paint you use, which brand, and how long does it take to dry. One of my paintings that I started 25 years ago and was not finished I re started last month and well was not dried and the pillow fell on top of it….. the pillow is colored…… but I have to refix the painting, hopw soon I fix it and I will post it. Hope I can get some answer from you. Thanks a lot. xoxoxo Hasmig

  • You’re so very welcome! Okay here’s some things I reccomend or sugest to some artists I mentor. Close your eyes take a deep breath and relax and as you do see yourself creating beautiful paintings, and as you do this, relax more, keeping your eyes closed, notice your surroundings. the room you may be in, the smells, do you feel happy as you are creating your beautiful art? breath and relax and enjoy the feeling. when you feel satisfied open your eyes and take a deep breath, and continue to feel the nice feelings you had while envisioning. You’ll will begin to attract your creativity. Do this every day for ten minutes. Another thing everyday when I get out of the shower I say to myself “I attract success, creativity, happiness and good health into my life everyday…because that is who I am” it just takes a few seconds and Im getting out of the shower, anyway, right? Do this everyday and in about 30 days see if you notice a differece. Another words do these three things, 1) think about what you want creativly. 2) envision yourself doing it. 3) act on it to make it happen.

    As far as paints, I gave up using oils long ago and now use acrylic paint, it’s water based, safer to use for the artist and the world. I like Golden Acrylics, and Liquitex acrylics. They dry fast and that can take a while to get used to for an oil painter.

    Another thing I reccomend is what I do.. step up to the canvas or paper and draw, paint whatever is in fron of you whether it is the room you are in or whatever, this will open up your craetivity centers and the energy will begin to flow.

    We are creative beings and it is natural for us to create. We can create anything in out lifes both wanted and unwanted.

    Another good thing is to ask yourself questions. In the morning ask. What will I do today to create my art? You dont have to have any answers at all, just put it out there. At the end of the day before you go to sleep ask yourself. What did I do today to create my art? You are doing somthing by asking other artists like me for suggestions!

    Bravo to you! RD

    – RDRiccoboni

  • cheetaah
    cheetaahover 6 years ago

    Thanks a lot, I will try to do my best.

  • Youre Welcome! I have complete faith in you.

    It’s not about the room, or the town, or the anything on the outside, it’s how we feel on the inside. Set aside some quiet time just for you, and this is very important, ask not to be interupted, even if its just to daydream for bit. No TV, No music, no newspaper, just you. A friend of mine get’s up an hour be the kids wake up and get a good 45 minutes of creativity in and that time adds up. Sometimes a few minutes is all we need to get the creation going. Also another thing that helps me is to keep a journal of creative ideas and write down thoughts that come to you. Ive had ideas for paintings and Im glad I wrote them down, beacuse when I get interupted I tend to forget. Best wishes!

    – RDRiccoboni