Even More Resources for You!

If you like Photoshop then you will love my Public Space on Windows Live! I have collected hundreds upon hundreds of .PDF and video tutorials, tips, tricks and training information over the years. As I have time I have been adding downloadable files to my site.

Please visit

<a href="">MY SKYDRIVE</a> to access and download these resources.

I try to add to it at least once a month or more so feel free to bookmark it and come back whenever you want!

Evil in a Little Orange Pill -- Road to Recovery Part 2

Felt like writing again tonight so I thought I would share a little more about how addiction to prescribed drugs has affected me over the years.

A friend of mine and I where discussing a situation with a family member of hers who is also being treated for ADHD. Here is my response to her about my experience with Adderal

Over the course of 5 years I became a full blown addict and went from 25 mg a day to being able to take almost 200 mg a day to feel what I thought at the time was “normal”. Before I started the drug I weighed roughly 125 pds, at my lowest weight over the years I’ve weighed anywhere between 87 to 89 pds with my weight staying roughly around 92 for the past 6 years or so.

Besides the medication indued aneroxia (I only ate once a day and spent the rest of th…

My Journey To Recovery

<b> In case you wondered why I seemingly disappeared the last few months…here is part one of my digital journal as I work towards recovery from prescription drug addiction</b>

This is my story today and what I am growing through as I am struggling day by day to get my life back on track and to hopefully find myself again. I am a brutally honest writer and this particular post covers a rather sensitive topic that I am going through. I hope it doesn’t gross anyone out, I just promised myself that I would be as open and honest as possible to help with my own recovery and to perhaps encourage others who might suffering in private to know it is ok to reach out when you need it

Life has not always been easy for me over the years but I am working each day to make it bette…

Resources For Retouchers and Photoshop Users

I have created a public folder on my WindowsLive SkyDrive where I am uploading tutorials, tip sheets, keyboard shortcuts and more for your use. I am sorting through all of my archived tutorials etc.. so bookmark that page to get updates on new items! Hope you find it useful.

Please go to:

<ahref=“ (My Link to my Live Spaces Page)

<a href=""> (Direct Link to my Public folder I am not sure if it is directly accessible or not)

Photoshop Training and Tutorials

Hi everyone.

I have spent part of this weekend organizing and going through all the RSS feeds that I subscribe to. I am not done yet but I have added a ton of great tutorials/training resources to my Google Shared Reader.

If you like tutorials please bookmark my site at

to keep updated. I literally have thousands of links so I am weeding out the junk and trying to share only the most useful ones. Hope you find it helpful.


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for featuring me in HORRORAMA AND SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION!!!! I am so honored that my work is so well received. It has taken me the past 8 years to slowly get over a very abusive 6 year relationship that damaged my self confidence in more ways that I could ever put into words. To be able to share my work now and feel good about doing it is a HUGE accomplishment for me.

I really appreciate it.

HUGS to all


Are You A Flickr Member? Then This Might Interest You!!!!

About 3 years ago I decided to start a group on Flickr that was dedicated to artists like myself who where not necessarily photographers but who still loved creating beautiful images digitally.

If you are a photo retoucher, restorer, digital artist or photo manipulation artist, please feel free to join my group RETOUCH MAGIC on flickr at

We have almost 2,500 members from around the world and over 10,000 photos in our group pool! I try my best to update the group as often as I can and I will be adding new tutorials, files, and videos in the coming months!

Hope to see you there.


Why Did You Choose Photomanipulation?

<I>A recent group discussion in one of my Flickr groups asked the question of why did you choose photo manipulation as a career or art form? I thought I would share my response and then ask you to continue the discussion by posting your own replies. I find it fascinating that even though are reasons are as diverse as our personalities, we all share the common theme of passion for creating something new and beautiful. </I> <B>MY RESPONSE TO WHY DID YOU CHOOSE PHOTOMANIPULATION….</B>

As a teen mom it took many, many years for me to get past being a ‘statistic’ and to find the path that I needed to be on. I had job after job that I hated but the one underlying theme was that I always found myself drawn time and time again to computer programs and edi…

Thank You

I just wanted to say thanks to all of the wonderful members of RedBubble who have made me feel so welcome and who have given me such wonderful feedback on my work. As a self taught artist it took many years to get the courage to even show my work much less try to sell it!

To give you a quick backstory about me, I was 16 and a junior in high school when I had my first child. Having been an honor student headed down the college path, my life needless to say took a rather unexpected detour. I have worked very hard over the last 16 years to “beat the statistics” and to prove not only to myself but to my family that simply because life is not what you expect to end up as does not mean that your new path has to be a negative one. From homeless shelters to welfare to ending a 6 year …

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