RC deWinter

RC deWinter

Fairfield, United States


Autumn Road by RC deWinter

gutless w(o)(a)nder

there’s this road / up here in the mountains / i keep walking
The Old Curiosity Shop by RC deWinter

the portal

i never walk there anymore / i need no reminders of all I’ve lost / and will never have again
Out to Pasture by RC deWinter

unnatural habitats

the old train car sits out in a field / unhitched from the mighty procession / of which it was once a part
The Old King Weeps by RC deWinter

lear lingers

once a lion of a man / undone by the vanity / of demanding love described / and the perfidy of blood
Perseids Passing by RC deWinter

Meteor Envy

It was an ordinary August night in this sterile suburb by the sea, / cloaking the claustrophobic day with a dark flat curtain / that did …
Death in Motley by RC deWinter

Vita Brevis

So live each day as though it be your last, / do always what you love and what you mus
The Night of the Strawberry Moon by RC deWinter

eating strawberries

those sweet scarlet strawberries / full and ripe / just like the moon
Storm-Bruised Sky by RC deWinter

portrait in the sky

the moon was riding high over an ocean / that apparently hadn’t watched tv / the water not quite as smooth as glass / but certainly n…
Corner Glow by RC deWinter

dream house

one minute / i was having coffee with a friend / in that small café down near the railroad station
Surrender of the Sun by RC deWinter

Sun Surrendered

They said I was supposed to be the sun, / a brilliant blossom radiating light, / but that was long ago, and now undone, / I seek the ano…


suddenly the invisible clockhands spin / whirling me back a quarter century / and i remember everything…
Bike at the Beach by RC deWinter Summer Light and Shadow by RC deWinter

Summer Walk

Summer was upon the land, / too hot, too bright for one / who blooms in shade and shadow.
Twilight Lake by RC deWinter


the million insect choir nattered / and twanged and buzzed a chorus / of mad falsetto trills betraying / the peace of the coming night
Vineyard Sunflower by RC deWinter

summer at martha’s

the haze bleaches everything / to a neutral rendering of summer’s beauty / the only color concentrated in the sunflowers
Summer Night at the Shore by RC deWinter


i am here for the first time in many years / having never thought to return / to this place freighted with cargo
Midnight Mist by RC deWinter


i ache for what i’ve never known / that safe place where nothing / with teeth and claws could ever / find me
Sunset at Silver Bay by RC deWinter

momentary lapse

another day dies / in the splendor of a summer sunset / there is no sadness in the heavens
Magic Midwest Night by RC deWinter


we’d met by chance / i’d dropped an armload of books / on the sidewalk
Bricks and Bones by RC deWinter

graveyard shift

i like cemeteries / especially the quiet / though if your soul is attuned / it might ripple…
Sand and Stars by RC deWinter

needing nepenthe

fierce july grips me in its passion / air drenched in the pheromones / of wanting
Corner in Moonlight and Blue by RC deWinter


it was a dream / within a dream / within a dream
Fresh from the Farmer's Market by RC deWinter

Bad Habits

A basket of vegetables fresh from the farm / sits waiting on the table. / They’re packed with nutrition but, full of contrition, …
Safe Harbor at Sunset by RC deWinter

safe harbor

*standing across from the light on the cliff / i imagine the old days / when ships sailed only with the wind&
Morning After the Rain by RC deWinter


stayed out all night / fooling around / playing the clown
Romance in Danish Modern by RC deWinter


I don’t want a love smothered / in hearts and flowers; / that’s for people who watch too much TV
Postcard from Wyoming by RC deWinter

devil’s diamonds

and in the sky there hung / the devil’s diamonds / promising everything / a fool could want
Bicycles in the Rain by RC deWinter

bikes are easy

doesn’t matter how long it’s been / you climb on and go flying / the wind cool and fresh in your open mouth
Silver Sliver over the Sea by RC deWinter


once again i stand by the sea / watching the skyshow unfold
Heathcliff's Window by RC deWinter

Heathcliff’s Soliloquy

She was my life, my soul, / the universe fashioned us for each other only.
Charming Whimsy by RC deWinter

While Waiting for Lunch

I sat there in the summer sun, / surrounded by peace and plenty, / serenaded by nothing but birdsong,
Barely Blush by RC deWinter

blighted blossom

i / tethered to the yoke of expectation / waited to be plucked / sure the hand that did the plucking / would cherish me simply because i was
Lucifer Falls by RC deWinter

the fall

illuminated in a halo of hubris / that i mistook for brilliance / you lit a fire in me / that burned my bones to ash
Bright Spot by RC deWinter


i took a walk around the back forty / just to see what might have changed / since the last time i was there / oh some fifteen years ago
Vincent's Valentine by RC deWinter Moonlight Ripples by RC deWinter

The Lake of No Regret

When all the world sends back what I’d forget / and sorrow wraps me in its dark embrace, / my rescue is the Lake of No Regret.
Star-Spangled Tree by RC deWinter

beyond beauty

i have learned / in a roomful of the beautiful / the eye is drawn / to that which is not
Beautiful Night in the Badlands by RC deWinter

living in the badlands

there is no place so unforgiving / that beauty may not be found / in miles of desolation
Salt Marsh Shimmer by RC deWinter Foggy Night on Dumaine by RC deWinter

Visiting Tom

The air was soft as velvet; / somewhere a nightbird called. / I melted into the mist on the deserted streets / of the Vieux Carré, but I wa…
Stars over Saint Louis by RC deWinter


no god of love could sanction this / a world where manhood’s marked by blood / and broken bodies
The City Sleeps by RC deWinter


I love the city when it sleeps; / my footfalls on the sidewalk / echo as if they mean something.
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