Vincent's Red Barn Doors by RC deWinter Virgin Blush by RC deWinter Rustic Romance by RC deWinter at last romance all the time we were together / i secretly despaired / of you ever doing anything romantic Golden Renaissance Apples by RC deWinter No Socks in the Snow by RC deWinter poverty’s army destitution is an equal opportunity recruiter / no longer satisfied with broken men / the ranks swell with women and children Every Cowgirl Needs A Hat by RC deWinter The Cowgirl’s Tale It’s a good thing I was never much inclined / to girly stuff, ‘cause it would’ve been / my tough luck if I was. Succulence Throw Pillow and Tote by RC deWinter under the weather (or not) i have lived in tropical heat / caressed every day by breezes / that carry the scent of jasmine and desire Succulence iPad and Phone Case by RC deWinter Succulence by RC deWinter Six Japanese Bowls iPad Case by RC deWinter Six Japanese Bowls Pillow and Tote by RC deWinter Six Japanese Bowls by RC deWinter Rosebud After The Rain by RC deWinter Dream Garden Pillow and Tote by RC deWinter Dream Garden by RC deWinter taming the wilderness how long we stood there / face to face / eyes searching each the other / i know not Sweet Honey of Desire Pillow, Tote and Phone Case by RC deWinter liquification touch me / coat your skin / with the sweet honey of desire Sweet Honey of Desire by RC deWinter atomic number 79 who in times of thirst and hunger of the soul / will be succored by the cold indifference / that lies at the heart of gold? Bold Gold by RC deWinter Grandfather's Basin by RC deWinter The Latina’s Tale The other night I threw a party for some colleagues, / and cooked myself the dishes he had made. / It was a huge success, everyone loved it The Night Office I keep late hours because I love the dark. / It masks the cobwebs of the sullen day, / Freeing the mind a voyage to embark / Beyond what c… Midnight Provisions by RC deWinter Nestled in Green by RC deWinter Earthones by RC deWinter The Wise Maiden *All unexpected in the spring appeared / Baskets of blossoms left at the back door, * From Her Secret Admirer by RC deWinter Petal Riot by RC deWinter Angel Wings by RC deWinter how we love the old assiduously we worship the old / artifacts / antiques / vintage whatnot Heirloom Teapot by RC deWinter Roughsilk Rose by RC deWinter Roughsilk Rose Pillow by RC deWinter love and roses i paint a lot of roses and i don’t know why / they’re not even my favorite flower Nobody To Home by RC deWinter housebound i like this house / unprepossessing though it is / and as i linger lost in conjecture / my boundaries melt Night on the Porch by RC deWinter Summer Nights in the River Valley I like it when it storms. The counting keeps me / from brooding on all that I’ve lost / and will never have. sweet mystery one glorious plosion / a flash in the void of eternity / and all that ever was / and ever will be was begun The Magician by RC deWinter The Magician Shirts/Cases/Pillows/Totes by RC deWinter Harkness Tower in Moonlight by RC deWinter Harkness Tower in Moonlight Pillow/Tote/Phone Case by RC deWinter Vision of V by RC deWinter Lavender Lotus Pillow and Tote by RC deWinter Interior Landscape Inner beauty is a lotus / tethered to the pond that is the soul Lavender Lotus by RC deWinter Midnight Harp by RC deWinter The Harp A single note vibrating in the night, / A string plucked by a spectral hand unseen One Eye in the Mirror by RC deWinter Tinseltown Clown After decades of denial and repeated reinvention / I wonder just how much of me is left. Gustav's Tree by RC deWinter Kissed with Gold by RC deWinter Fire Grass Garden by RC deWinter moonbathing i have a late date tonight / not with a lover / though i wish that were the case Penny Postcard Violetta by RC deWinter Autumn Jigsaw by RC deWinter physics disorder is the order of the day / the universe expanding ever faster falls away / chaotic as it flies into unstoppable decay Entropy by RC deWinter An Interrogatory Of The Heart No blushing maiden I, yet in your gaze / I feel a girl again, awkward and shy, / Emotion long abandoned now ablaze / In light of what your … Victorian Blush by RC deWinter Victorian Blush Tote and Pillow by RC deWinter this bird has flown after some time i lost the will to sing / my voice stilled in despair / music unable to take wing Gilded Cage by RC deWinter Flowering Sun by RC deWinter Kinetics I still remember waking with the sun, / Eager to breathe the beauty of the day, / Running barefoot through grass kissed with dew Time Release by RC deWinter atemporality the time is more than out of joint / it’s shattered / fractured into orthogonal fragments rubrication i have stained my lips scarlet just for you / when i slide them up and down your skin / you’ll be inked with passion’s tattoo Parchment Flame by RC deWinter Infinity by RC deWinter perpetual motion they say when one door closes / another opens up / it’s true you know Vincent's Japanese Garden by RC deWinter In Praise of Iris Beautiful messenger, / born of raindrops sparkling through sun, / they say the gods and goddesses are dead.
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