Raz Solo

Raz Solo

Macquarie Park, Australia

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I’m an imagineer; I create the things that fill my head and throw them out into the world. :)

Most of my stuff is pretty obviously influenced by comic books, which would be because I love comic books a LOT. I have a webcomic called Aimeski, Evil Girl Genius!

I am happy to work on commissions for people, just shoot me an email!


Raz :)

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Now is the time to buy that Raz Solo print/tee/hoodie/sticker you have had your eye on for ages, with this super special 15% off discount voucher! / Just use razsolo_is_on_sale_0046 when you purchase and a la peanut butter sandwiches, the savings are all yours! / Magical. / :)
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Long time no see, redbubble!

Man, it has been ages since I have had a chance to upload anything here….damn this having a personal life! ;P / I have uploaded two t-shirts tonight to make up for it though, check out my bubblesite. / I’m sorry redbubble, let’s not be apart again… / _
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No photoshop gives Raz the sad face. =(

So I just got a new hard drive and I thought I transferred photoshop across from my old computer, except that I didn’t, and now I’ve gotten rid of my old hard drive, and I can’t do any creative work till I can get photoshop anew, which will most likely be for another week, and AHHH IT’S ALL TOO HARD!!! / Boo. / =(
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YAY for winning things!! :D

I entered a competition that the awesome schytsoframe had to win one of his awesome t-shirts, and he sent me a message today to tell me I won! This is super exciting not just because winning is fun and it’s a cool t-shirt anyway, but until I get a full-time job landed I have soooo little money that all I can afford to do is LOOK at the excellent stuff on redbubble….it’s only la…
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