Dark Master Within...

Dark master within…

I. The battle of words

1. Challenge/accusation

I call thee forth, the master of Hell,
you’ve ruined my life, so here I am,
I march to an open battle, honestly to tell,
and I swear, as proudly as I stand,
so much evil I’ve done, by you possessed,
I reject you, crawl out from abyss, to thy crimes confess!

Impudent mortal, whom I hath given unnatural power,
how dost thou dare such rudely to speak?
You be mine forever, a pact signed by blood and scour,
carved in viscera-wax undestroyable, a Word sick!
So turn and hurry away as fast as you can,
or I shall wipe thy remains out from the world and its lands!

2. Resistance

Nay! I’ve lost everything, then slowly recovered,
fear forgotten, for those beloved lie dead,
except one, keeping the heart play after sorrow suffered,
for many seasons the evil was kept hidden in me, with hatred fed,
keep honour in thy wickedness, in a duel where swords break,
to decide on my soul’s destination, and your status, don’t be a coward, come as I spake!

Not so easy! Too much pride for a scum such as thee!
I pull the tendrils which hold blood in your rotten cage,
still manipulating the streams of unconscious, the emotions beneath,
at any time, I can send you to ashes, thy memory’s my stage,
you but a pawn, a bug born to death, fragile and weak,
surrender and die quickly, in flames thou shalt perish bleak!

3. Disclosure

I served you for the vengeance’s sake,
setting the world on fire, as thou ignited, lie deceiving,
abused my grief, I beheld her body – a desecrated carcass in a bloody lake,
it was then, I joined your legions, ascended into captain curseeing,
but later on some celestial grace shining awakened, showed me the villain,
Thou guiding their violence upon her, what a madness? Brilliant?

Plan was cunning, and its materialisation even more,
strings no one had seen, but added a hand on the killing knife,
so easy deep into the flesh, butter was harder than her shell under gore!
And her blood! Oh, such a celestial crimson, red! So pure even when defiled from life!
Only a matter of time till you got to know the truth, thou art mine, me – Thy bane,
as I pull the fairest tendril, you shall desecrate holiness to a nemesis profane!

4. Her death clouded

How I cried! Those tears I feel even now, when illuminating that memory chamber,
the room in ruin, she torn all around, like a horrid puzzle, no resemblance to her beauty,
what an antichrist or Devil’s son? In anger I grabbed a man and burned him to ember,
and that trance lasted till I wiped out whole village with vengeance fruity,
underworld mirrors displaying it too, clouding the genuine evildoer then,
your sick essence present in me, manipulator in masquerade, curse thy breed and den!

Get seared by thy curses! They nearly thanks mean to me,
leave satisfaction in my majestic wicked chest of worms, the heart of snake,
great as in aeons past in paradise, a masterpiece betrayal, my hunger to feed,
another dim, din of enraged dragon, a fever, killing spree, soil deathshaked,
I laughed at her in more than one piece, no peace – disease! More evidence – yet thou – blind,
fighting me, and one fragile moment, from then on-hellbound forever, praising my legacy behind.

5. The evil pact

That accursed day, vengeance boiled my heart,
searching the killing hand, I desired to cut it off, death to the sins crown,
love to Her, now envenoming the circle to retaliate the crime, decision hard,
a growling voice sweet, from the mouths of Earth, an evil ghost tempted me to descended to the pit down,
black ink signing an enthralling parchment, a Devil’s slave in fact
I turned into, darkmantled, broadsword, oh, G-d forgive me that vile pact!

You see? Thy own fingers held the instrument of unholy future-time,
worse than the murderer, you’ve done far worse, no redemption, lie,
yield to the stagnant wheel of damnation, like the others, a stone in Acheron, no penance of mariner’s rime,
thou as example? Pah, pariah! Outcast, worm! Far from the hand of G-d, in-vain cry,
the signature water won’t wash away, and even if yes, I will make it dry, thou – in trap!
Instead of ascension to seraphic haven, I shall throw you in the pristorm gap!

6. Avenger

Hand rose, with blade-hew has fallen through people’s necks,
gorefest bloodworks, in the name of Pentagram giving them no tomb,
but heaped their bodies, not a holy sacrifice, I let the scavengers that meat to eat in a crack,
performing nightrites of utter vileness, a tongue unknown from the womb,
fluently, as a native air speaker, more and more deaths, and yet not sated,
you fed my passion and anger with another twisted hunger, kept me infuriated!

Thy rage kept my cup filled with fresh wine,
with each sup I could feel the flame inside you being turncoated from gold to black,
the purity you once held in heart now strengthened my wickedness darkertine,
as the stench of corses thickened, and the errants vomited, I roared in rapture like a snake,
from a low-ranked soldier of the pits to my right-hand uttermost captain thou advanced,
rapidly to my surprise, yet also to ill-joy, my domination over you enhanced!

7. Fallen captain

After such deeds, all deadly sins communion, evil took over the reins of mine,
I had no other choice, my record in Heaven stained with defiled innocence gone,
so it happened, I led thy legions and reaped many souls, caused immense terror, frightening Sun not to shine,
where a horse-gallop was heard, people could almost smell Hell, ghosts turning to stone,
what a monster made that shell around and almost asphyxiated the Light inside?
Oh, what a vengeance thou deservest! I shall emerge from darkness, it won’t help you to hide!

Words, empty and harmless utterances of a wounded mind!
Me, and other prosecutors have won already! Wretched thou art!
Filthiest of your kind, alone responsible for all the wastelands and undead you left behind!
I, only I was giving strength and twilight-vigour into thy veins, the essential shard!
At any time, I can draw it back to me, and leave you begging and lost,
then you shall desire to die forever and depart as a free ghost!

8. Power and awe

How generous you are! You hadn’t given me anything, just pervertly abused
what I haven’t known before of, acted like a saint, just a creeper in disguise!
Whatever had been blinding my eyes, power beyond ken or awe for the master, salvation refused,
fearful as a newborn puppet in claws of enraged demonraven of enormous size,
now that bird has fallen down together with all the chains, I shall fly and wander unbound,
like Prometheus, but with consent from G-d, a gem of fire will grant me a vial of affection profound!

Hold thy tongue! The irony in your speech’s pointless, has no basis,
you’re trying the faults into virtues convert, only deceiving yourself, my seed!
Thou deemest thyself dauntless, yet all entrails in that shell quake with horror’s emphasis,
continue, and then the world shall forget this pitiful rebellion, in oblivion outbleed,
behold! What I’ve sown, only I can gain! But be it – let the battle begin!
Defeated in advance, no chance to withstand, suffer worse than in death-scenes!

9. Angel near the river

A black crusade on the way, pied armies, battalions of mutants, showcase of mutilation,
another house down, stench of thousand dead intoxicating the air,
me on an ember horse, then – shock! An impaling flash, like a gleaming spear rending infestation,
stopped stuck right through the heart, cold blood warming suddenly fair,
as I watched Her prancing near the river, our traces in time united and became one,
when I’m down, Her smiles resurrect me, back on feet, this love cannot be undone!

When the beats of the core exceed a certain limit, you immediately think of wonder,
an automatic redemption, anti-poison cleansing the body of all contagion forever,
deluded and stupid creatures! Every bit of those emotions is a lie, reasons asunder,
mindless lunacy of sublime might and weakness alike, my weapons shall pierce thy heart of feathers,
crush thy dreams, make the fields wither in an instance, all thou holdest dear
will vanish in an open warfare, brimstone rules, smoking mirror of thy uttermost fears!

10. Not lost

Wicked and corrupted words gush from your mouth,
even now as the primordial snake, hate you hiss,
envy and anger because of my disobedience, thy warden by oath,
that I have unearthed the lies, you hadn’t expected me to meet the childe of beauty and bliss,
She infused me with true life! Thought to be damned even beyond the existence on Earth,
through Her spirit G-d made me realise – I’m not lost, merely astray, awaiting spiritual rebirth!

One short moment of happiness cannot wash away what I’ve been carving into you for ages,
as a dead body will not rise, and a disease shall not falter, both remain,
an eternal mark, a neverending blade crossing thy consciousness, my mind-worm still rages,
a rebel here in Hell, outcast of Heaven and mankind, people always looking at you in greatest disdain,
banished from everywhere, and now you dare opposing my supreme inhumanity,
thou shalt fall lost under my wrath, when I first deprive you of your combative sanity!

11. In the heat of battle

I am perfectly conscious of what I intend to do and achieve,
me and She as one in unity shall strike, not your will prevails,
thou shalt see the signs of thy defeat, star, cross, half-moon and hearts G-d’s omniscience perceive,
once and for all I will drive you off my supernatural self and entrails,
now the battle is commenced, no turning back to retreat,
the divine fortune – decide! Who falls crushed to the feet?

This issue be quick! As millions others before I easily vapourised,
thou – no exception in the flow of Netherworld’s and Hell’s time,
yes, indeed, we have reached the conflict’s heat, yet don’t be surprised
when your passion coldly, frigidly freezes, and life escaping to prison prime,
there are much worse fates than that which mortals fear,
and mark the words I say – my last laugh shall be the last sound for you to hear!!!

II. When the swords are not enough

1. Weapons fall

Any swords ’re meaningless here, offer no solution
to this clash primeval, to purify or taint,
I lash out, and thou too, brandish-stop in the midst, clean pollution,
black and white differentiated, merged to grey, that process goes on and on, Devil or saint,
situation of no profit, only destruction bad for both sides,
no tangible materials to win or lose, what shall terminate this endless ride?

My sky-high golden spear thou hast broken in twain,
ponderous, yet swiftly deflecting blows, falling then to rumble
to the ground, but ere that I wrecked thy devourers insane,
one mere attack-vessel remained after the tempest, even I stumbled
when I noticed its power; my once a good friend from Heaven realised it could destroy or pass any wall,
seems that G-d, the greatest adversary of mine, prepared a strange battlefield, where words fight as the weapons fall.

2. Words of impalement

Even the blood from whom I descended, only pounds their wrath on me,
a pure accident, and venom enshrouded in a cloak of words
intends to hold my eyes, fixed to the ground, to all past evil deeds’ path, steed
of repentance and humility decapitated, fruit of passion and zeal blemished to ashes athwart,
where the …, could I gather strength if my origin would send me to the deepest circle of Hell?
Only the love itself infused me more, than those utterances impaled me, and now I shall fight you as well!

Always bitten by sorrow, I turned the tears to acid, and then to wrath,
even the care indirectly abused by my fallen will, the love inside I nightmared to anger,
as you only a weak shell still remained, an easy target for the arrows, and my laugh,
even lying on the frozen earth, lower I could crush you, but I kept you longer
so, so the impalement took effect on thy wretched, weary spirit already lost,
such a treasured pleasure I had from your woe-stricken ghost!

3. Sanctified shield

A rotten seed ‘s in everyone, but in me took also roots,
risen a stem, flesh and spirit intertwined with cords of decay,
until it blackened my skin, shortly after bore its fruits,
strangely enough, there was a place much different, of the old times a last din of hay,
yet… a trace of dead queen, and the river wonder after, a fire on ice, to frost not to yield,
could it be a mystic masterplan? That Her heart’s radiance formed a cordial sanctified shield?

There wasn’t and isn’t an essence such!
A mere illusion, a fake idol, a thousandfold false tree,
more ephemereal than my annual serpentary, foolery bunch,
and even if there anything left, I shall bury you in dark flames, where you’ll cease to believe
in final saviour, or letting the rays of light into thy sight, unable to resist
my twisted sublimity, in my store there’s much more, worse than violent decease!

4. Fetus of the curse

Only scarcely, slowly I started to remember the past fate of my soul, lost and pain-stricken,
the sense of speed and falling, stains still the same, a touch and claws,
a face ethereal, not damned yet, however, hell glowing in it, didn’t weaken,
his power magnetic, malign force in its last defiance wretched many benign ones, against Heaven’s law,
a flash of pestilent sting into paralysed spirit, sealing its future with nefarious plan from darkened purse
of unnatural origin to that saddened angel, was it me, the bearer of that fetus of the curse?

Scorpion joined together from the lava fluidum, I have taken shape,
my innate will, immanent magic, sight materialised into your fate’s seal,
chained yourself, cowardice onto a rock that never was, sting done, an unholy rape,
black cores and cells entering straight and nourishing gluttonous heart, a delusion-heal,
you saw embraces of mother and father, while your shell smothered was lying,
for this lost part I possessed many a one, to see thy wife bleeding, viciously dying.

5. Chain reaction

A sphere of energy blasting into another one, unleash
the fury, wrath eyeless or vengeance just,
the mightiest vessel concentrates, from blood the enemy to dessicate in sanguineous speech,
for all the bad seed I’m determined to eradicate, suppress evil desires locust,
when our secret aces unhide and clash in a blind battle putrefaction,
two cores… a flash… vast emotional trance, a devastating chain reaction.

In divine wars there’s no law, no star too resplendent,
who do you think shall survive the fiery ball?
I had fallen, from dark flame I was reborn, the first one truly independent,
I have nothing to lose or a depth deeper than my home, cursed residence of hellen growl,
you’re only a wretched minion, my precious pawn, but no problem with undoing you
I see, the contrary! I shall revel in thy demise, indulge in torture, eternal anguish dew!

6. Infernal blast

Already visible mushroom of two same opposite colours,
flames intertwined and separate, one violent in putrid sublimity,
washes away the truth, pride is its rise, cowardice means valour,
disguises true boundaries of dreams, to lead one into void insanity,
their own imagination’s jaws eath them alive from within, searance to dust,
armageddon infernal, what was that cancerous heat – the infernal blast.

Essence of my bowels and fallen brain, the birthplace
and well of Hell itself, ruin of conscience, influential to those by my chains bound,
mark of sworn treacherous allegiance to a ruling toppled crown of stolen grace,
freedom of thou chased by dragon monsters and abysshounds,
the jewel in my scepter, in prison of volcanic ledges, life in
tombstone endead, engraved away by screaming wind, I am merciless coffin!

7. Heavenly fire

In the exploding haze an empyreal fire, pure
from the truest Heaven, a shine aware of darkness, yet not containing
it, nor devouring what still has its lifetime not spent and has to endure,
heals ignorance, spreads the cloudy words, hemispheres training,
unshackles the mind and allows me to regain my will, to deny thee!
This means my defiance, final resistance, G-d bless my effort to be free!

High hopes, higher fall, asphyxiated in between,
so gleaming that it can easily be swallowed into my stomach of acid gore,
grass decayed into ordure, might of pungent smell of mortal sins,
don’t speak of the brightest element, my sunny whore,
I had been the daybringer, later conqueror of the horrors’ night,
all of pits know thee, would imprison you, but I shall destroy yee at sight!

8. Last swords lie broken

Our rage and fury meet and crashed heavier than expected,
utterances, all word formations overcoming any physical measures,
this mighty scythe hewed and rended, then reaped the harvest of shattered weapons, heaps erected
and gone in an instant, wounds only minor, the shell in weak pressure,
what material sources we tried to employ in pursuit of destruction of the other,
and which now lie all broken, swords in rust – nothing remains, tongue-flow prevails rather.

Not even a slightest problem! Although I have to admit – no one made it this far…
My speech has always been the most appealing poison, consumed many a one,
healing balms – the strongest venom in nice outfit, deadly decreasing bar,
master of thousands of metamorphoses for eternity, bit by bit done,
now our real strength shalt be displayed from undercover, vaults’ wealth,
let’s see then, which one of us… Me!!!… shall better emerge to open from stealth.

9. Battlefield transcendence

From a mortal-like slowness to divine speed the battle took its course,
our sentences make stars flee in fear and awe,
such an intensity unseen since first, original heavenly days, a horse
of headless lone rider, fatal blossom of war so loud and silent, a grave
of history, to another dimension our combat transcends,
outcome still an edgy coin, only a slight portion of overall power has been so far spent.

Till now I’ve been only testing you, a treasured dang,
and consider thee a fragile vessel no more,
yet you can’t even imagine, thou art still an easy prey to be impaled or hanged,
worthless constantly, no one shall mourn or commemorate thy lore,
with your demise all Earth will deign into stained sorrow,
my plans liberated to ban any future sunlit tomorrows.

10. Thews and sinews

With her within my mind, an ever-breathing feel
of love, silent stream, regular portion of vitality, thews and sinews renewed,
gaps in flesh bridged and brought together in a seal,
unity of sounds blest prepares for the worst with serenity mute,
constellations aligned into a heart tonight, a protection to the unseen
inside, and I join my hands with Hers… loving and passionate and praying, a holy verdancy green.

I shall smite thy core and re-infect it with seamless hate I rule,
leading to destruction and terror, hellish means to mow down a rich
game for Grim Death, a season of viscerous feast, brutal and cruel,
humiliation and its friend – suicide, roam, run free from my inner universe to the hostile ditch,
an attempt to destroy me utterly, and my intestines, hidden corners release thousandfold horrors at you,
y’ already forgot? Within me hell dwells, even when I’m not there in blackish hues!

11. Leaf of the invincible

Do you remember that ancient dragonslayer fool?
In a cave, bathing in blood, thought to live and not die by any injury or disease,
a small leaf, later his little secret uncovered, a fatal spot in his book, a target of murderous tool,
in pride unaware, adversary found, that ever-weak invisible dot for malign release,
what a hero? His decease brought even greater evils, and you fed on mass of blackness,
thy insidious quest continued, without any sense of honour, hunted everything showing weakness.

Turn your back on me, and my stabs will find the most fragile area to cut
the deepest chasm, a moulding precipice, and then cross the chest
through, will leave thee walking as a lifeless example of a loss of all blood,
an inverted heavensign fastened to the ground, you tied to it, whining, ailing neverblest,
and as you slightly move, it shall strip thee to the very bones,
you shalt join then the deepest despair, after each scream closer to me, the monarch on unshakeable throne!

III. Two divinees

1. Dawn of the storm

Illuminating breath refreshing, pouring purifiers into me,
aggressively eating away tumourous filth, preparing me for rebirth,
ascension from Hell through Heaven onto the Earth, a chance then to the Empyrean sea,
with clouds I shall rend the thunders you send forth, and produce bolts of my own worth,
enamoured and gifted become, imbue my vigour and determination never-worn,
if thou still remainest, refusing to depart, beware of the trumpets, the dawn of the storm.

You’re much weaker than yee deem yourself to be, poor worm!
Empty and hollow, barely standing statue of living ash!
It’s my evilwill that holds all thy parts attached to each other, wretched forlorn
only a drop of water, no tempest in work, a fly by spider enmeshed!
Dreary and vain in all efforts thou art, biting my hand is a fatal play,
an opposition – immediately hunted down for my wine as prey!

2. Seraphic wings of mercy

Pain and relief at the same time, it’s searing my insides
and springing forth from my back, like what eagles and falcons have,
but much bigger, vast and wide, neither twelve, not six, two, yet huge to my eye and so bright,
never seen, seem unique and… can’t believe… burning white, rave…
they must be of seraphic kind… how on me… is it a token of mercy from the L-rd?
No burden, featherlight, yet mighty! I’m still within confines of redemption from discord!

I had six wings, later accomplished twelve, no pair, me supreme,
yet I have fallen! But hell, I’m proud of my own kingdom, where I rule,
ironfist and tyrant, chaos’s my everyday sweet regime,
each piece of that waste’s mine, I allow there punishments cruel!
Very strange indeed, why only two, yet overgrown my previous self – lightbearer,
but a jewel itself doesn’t make thee a threat to consider!

3. Black shines with Light

Filled with wonder I tried to trace its source,
must have a cause, an origin in deeper structures, of flesh and time,
a water at the bottom of a well to make the bucket full, a divine course,
how from a rotten root an almost edenial garden of song and rime?
My armour remains black as cold lava stone, yet… it shines!
Not of its own, but does not swallow the glare of the wings… reflects it to the line.

Crazy, pure madness! Fool mesmerised by moon,
Blasphemy, the dark light within faithful hearts, devotion dragging one down,
under water, devours all air, skin grows paler soon,
mind’s loosing becomes an easy target to manipulate with immortality-sounds,
once undead, there is no please back, that sparkle’s blackness in the mirror
of thy still twisted nature, damned bliss of flourishing terror!

4. Obsidian core turned golden

I look at myself in the inside, although the vision’s black-red,
the primal point of my formation, enclosed with cancer after come,
and a layer of disgusting crunchy obsidian flow turned solid, heavier than lead,
equally poisonous, drop by drop into the lake and the rivers, lies about sun,
even here I noticed a bit older changes, an unusual force dwells
there, could it sneak tenderly into that small space through my scars, void of cells?

Thy heart’s lost in thick grey and black fog of my spells,
never could anything get insider, unless it was a venom from that veil,
the curtain won’t rise! Not even slowly over time or else…
My words and roars cross thee, only strengthening the bond, into hell’s throat inhaled,
this isn’t the drama’s end, history already carved into the face of this globe,
why only does it exist to hold thee to my annoyance, in that glamorous robe?

5. Love be my purifier

It knows no walls, and only few obstacles, even impenetrable fields,
like an acid, every wight has met it at least once, weak, an unlife, a shame,
if too strong and not fulfilled, makes millions of holes until one disappears and yields
to the vengeance, envy and hate, darkened… so-called love, why disguise it under another name?
She found the balance and delivered it to the right destination, inflamed with genuine innocent desire…
Through Her, and the reality, nice, but also non-ideal, love has become my purifier.

Fool’s errand! Illusions – always thy suicide overture,
with ease I strike, you help me with thy passion so childplayish to turncoat
and abuse it to my… laugh I may for ages… advantage, when thou dropest at yourself various ordure,
the more “love” yee accept, the more I can strike thee from within in loads,
purified? Emptied, hollow, void which my dullness can fill,
thou shalt die, by a murder upon a desecrated hill!

6. King of failed conquerors

For that short flash I remained among the fallen,
in non-material era thou initiated dreadful lesson for history,
too late to realise, y’ never learned it, later rejected all worthy, in thy sullen
reactions, thou hath deemed yourself sublime, the highest; but mistaken; blistering
extinguished torch of infamy, pride as the incipit in the list of errors,
you never wanted to repent?… Why do I ask the king of failed conquerors…

Defeat – only the first impression ‘d been such,
in fact a victory, we gained freedom and independence,
lords and kings on our own, grand sin’s the law, no watch
enslaving the ways and directions, every step of us – resplendence,
the ruin you see, only a lie from lie, experience cheated, I maimed the most clever raven,
my empire shall be neverending, begone! So I can proceed to demolition of that effing heaven!

7. Inverted passion

A hill by plagiary raised where there was none,
delivered a renegade speech to false gods, vain and plain hopes gained,
cloudquaking applause, headed the substances to explode, obstruct the firmament’s lungs,
love labeled as the element choking the angelic throats and unbearable restraint,
gifts of passion by the almighty L-rd as the hardest sentence interpreted thus,
that a part of empyreal host joined thee in thy unjustful wrathlust!

No copy, my idea stolen long ago and used to the glory of G-d,
he who betrayed me, I paid too much, even though indebted he was,
for my contribution no reward, only shallow words of appreciation and friendly nods,
oh, how I acquired disdain and despised it, act I must,
and assume my true inherited realm of real incandescent passion,
inverted as I will, be done! No sense in smiles, when so juicy and sweet’s depression!

8. Paradise tainted in reach

Eden happened, me and my brethren met the Father Time and Mother Earth in one body celestial,
the first ones of humankind walking its verdant lands, you yearned for their souls,
a single trick, a perpetual sorrow with joy mixed; you villain bestial!
Wolves, hunters, Death,… in fear mortals have to live alone,
shades stain the sunlit surface, now a common thing,
I see you haven’t wasted a while in kissing with thy demonic scorpion sting.

My the most permanent success, when that poor race succumbed to the lie of lies,
diamond no longer reflecting and treating the rays good, but feeding upon them, assails
natural laws, the face of the paradise’s tainted as my influence reaches its perimeter, all’s destined to die
from now on, slitting throats to boil and bake blood in pre-snuff-it phase,
to me a really appealing option; or in other case when that despotic architect intervenes,
only when one’s time has come; variety of situations, yet outcome’s the same, by any means!

9. High flames

Too much thou hath wanted, to lose the most treasured of gifts,
the same one which helped me to grow these divine wings,
thy vow solemn directs its focus to hate and violent myths,
swore an unbreakable oath to the abyssal dwellings,
that the plasma structures of yellow, orange, red, black and grey,
all colours it could have, to reach and burn the heavens to unrecognisable ash, slain.

I won’t deny, always and forever, my goal to rule
over the universe after toppling the throne of supreme monarch I crave for,
although in the deepest tracts of Hell, in my nightmares I walk the skies as a king, torturer of the muse,
in gardens there indulging in making the flora wither and the fauna done in a skirmish of gore,
chaos substitutes the order, anarchy untamed,
such marvellous phrases in depiction of my high flames.

10. Cataclysmic clash

What was inevitable, now appeared,
from our words and strong will new weapons arose,
metaphysical in substance, thus cannot be broken or seared,
peak of possible energy, the critical mass of released blows,
I have disclosed thy upcoming insurrection, had to heal the rash,
’tis never been an ordinary fight, we opened and entered the cataclysmic clash.

With sinister laughter, it’s hilarious, but I must agree with in this point!
As if the stars waged war, in the void between, but darkness always prevails,
thou shalt be crucified from within, from the eyes the blood will gush, derailed be thy joints,
for what you have thwarted, my ageless efforts, I prepare unimaginably agonal ails,
even vultures will fly away from your carcass, such an impoverishment it shall radiate,
an epitome of loneliness, despised by both sides, the edge decapitating, my vendetta to satiate.

11. The upper hand

Higher entities whisper to me the nearest future, in ambiguous images,
of a being bringing balance, restoring it, from soothed heart,
rejuvenated by signs of love, visible and of spirit, both; an elysian siege,
the possible transformation into prophesised frame and form’s nearly finished, at cards,
the point at which the evil aside in shock and fear stands,
you aroused my insurrection, now thou shalt be defied, this time me having the upper hand!

Your rudeness angers me to blessed defiling profanity,
y’ dare imagine to even think about setting thyself free?
First yee will have to banish me, impossible insanity!
Upper hand? What’s higher if cut off first to outbleed!
But hold… I recognise finally the pattern I’ve seen before my deign,
cannot be! I won’t allow the events to go your way, won’t loosen the reins!!!

IV. World shall tremble as I speak

1. Conversion of power

In the heart the energy-cell multiplies itself, as the weaknesses of the past
vanish, into the arms of oblivion, the stream of unconscious distributes
an equal share to each corner of the body and the spirit, fast
asleep awakens to new cycle eternal, don’t have to travel for purgatory flute,
which sounds converts the rest of evil into blest strength, uncowards
the deeds, I can feel first healing effects this newly acquired power!

Therion in thee, block the veins, so the flow can’t activate the hidden
vault in catacombs of thy universe my sting deliberately chose to destroy,
how could that accursed feeling make its way through rumble? Forbidden!
You worthless thief! What thou accusest me of, yee unashamed deploy
only to overcome me and prevail, where on y’r own not capable of a single strike,
sooner than you might imagine in ecstasy, y’ shall become to me alike!

2. Death to the cancer

Her melodies intertwined with mine’s coursing through my veins exterminating tumours
as that mass’s proceeding further, behind contagion lines,
like a tsunami shatters and razes all in its way, holy accusers
of wrongs, puts blabbering into order, creating accord of innate tongues defined,
inverts back what was twisted, dispelled defects of the necromancers,
first small flickering atlas-areas of gold, showing on the outer frame imitation of death to the cancer.

Disappear it won’t, I shall feed it to bother you as long as possible, may for eternity,
where a dot of gold, let it break, rot and corrode, free some space to disease,
in thy insides, viscera degenerating into a mutations’ fraternity,
it’ll take roots, grow until your shell swells, explodes, pukes itself around, pus unleashed,
your soul bathing in it, and thus too filthy to enter the empire of salvation,
thy vain effort blemished nice sandy shores, yee an outcast dissection.

3. Concentration prayer

To Thee, my dearest L-rd, or G-d as You’re often praised
and hallowed, I transmit my wishes, lay Thy touch on the pieces of power I now possess,
unite them with love profound, for me and Her, indivisible, affection itself amazed,
concentrate it in wholeness into my heart, electrify it to pump the vigour everywhere blest,
from the very bottom of Hells Thou hast lifted me here, and still flying up to the stars and Uriel-Sun,
prithee, I humbly beseech Thee adorned, Thy will, whatever happens, shall be done!

Canst thou hear a response, you idealistic prick?
No one’s listening to your cries, y’ screaming to deaf and dead skies,
hearken… only ominous silence and acidclouds around mountain peaks!
Under G-d’s home I shall spread banners to block his sight and make him blind,
a giant-fruit of seduction accomplished, antimass neutralising what it meets,
his most treasured puppet-race overtaken by simple deceits!

4. Apple unwormed

Clouds of the most atrocious worms drawn out of me by invisible force motions,
feels like each of innards will go its own way, pain itself’s scared,
I faint for a while, as if death has taken me, but merely unconscious.
And then what hurt was gone, a gap of emptiness stared
from the inside,… behold the new cells uncorrupted filling this space,
calm as silent water, in fact with health blazingly engraced.

What have you done, yee betrayer of hell’s anarchy, to my art?
Could have been so magnificent… but y’ had to break the oath,
cannot express the immense hate even I hadn’t known before in my heart,
doomed shan’t be not only me, if I fail, be sure – drown we will, both!
Yet my pride won’t let me to surrender, I’ve got still much in store,
pay by your destruction, ah, yee sick whore!

5. Incantation of uncorrupted flame

The wooden pyre of bones stands ready for the fire,
the purest of the flames it needs to shoot branches of strength into members,
so the wings can be majestic and harmful in one place, through body wires
to islands of need, and make gold underlined, fierce and tender,
let it grow! A magic of meadows and empyreal plantation,
come to effect, truthful incantation!

Damn, nay! Those precious flames to me belong!
Don’t even dare using them, legacy of just, heritage I was to carry
into the dawn, bring morningrises to overshine the manifold stars throng!
A slightly wounded lion, no prayers shall help thee anymore, very
sorry thou guiltiest scum will fell for thy defiance, chained tomb,
curse all about you, even your puker, the birthing womb!

6. Blinding flash

The incantation successfully released, leaves of grass have spoken,
real energy in those two vessels of my true incipit,
gold run over with rich embellishments, ornaments from slumber woken,
lamps at last, can work, torrents of plasma lit,
parts of transformation rally to give me newfound advantage in this clash,
augury positive, not a premonition, when launched’s the blinding flash.

Conspiracy of divine forces against their future dictator,
I’m destined to ascend to the rule, bear the crown,
either by theft or fraud, then get rid of such as you, traitors!
Food for deathspawns, piece of meat for possessed hounds!
Now you seem a worthy opponent, nevertheless shall perish,
me drinking favourite wine, a triumphant, a champion hellish!

7. Star, cross and half-moon united

Gather to my aid, three significant powers, symbols of humanity edified,
why hate each other dead or alive? See your G-d’s one and same,
people of the Book, under the Star of David aligned,
folk faithful, adoring the cross of messiah belief, a piety of serene name,
the desertborn, Gabriel’s prophet renewed your lives, half-moon brightened,
all of you, form a seal which will keep me illumined forever, an amulet reunited.

Thy is the Light, and sun’s thy friend,
I conquered the razing rain, to wipe out
what yee try to create from the ashes and sand,
those three be of no avail, no discovery found,
under my imprisonment innocents lie,
at my rising they, to the last one, entombed shall die!

8. Shackles down from innocent souls

I have the power now, to enchant wastelands of slavery into a land of the free,
what from despair could not move, roam where you will!
Run across y’r home, spirits held unjustly in limbo, impoverished by disease,
and seize new sunrises given, for you another sun came to the sacred hill,
no death or suffering, gone cowardly fled the torturing woes,
let it happen – shackles down from the innocent souls!

What conspiracy’s this? I cannot lose another time!
Hold prisoners! Till I can, I shall tear as many entrails out as possible,
not all of you will make it away alive, in one piece, faster than a sigh!
The only present for a part of y’ shall be a deeper hell than before, eligible!
Do you enjoy this scene of mirrors damned, a show exclusive, of thousand
faces, a theatre daily for You, the only real attendant!

9. Charge to pierce

And what now? Will you again pour the guilt upon the mirrors in my soul poor,
to reflect only my misdeeds and vices, so I know no other shape but shade,
I mourn for those who fell as martyrs, but try not to lure
to pseudotruth, and return the adamant rings on the tendrils of my mind and persuade
me, greatest sinner, a Diablo? You shall regret thy fathomless, seamless pride fierce,
feel the pain again, for thy end is one step closer, I charge thee to pierce!

Oh, eff, through my body travels a blade,
like then in Heaven an archangel dealt a blow through my chest,
I healed, but the pain has remained, ever since then, thickened my hate,
love never visited me as a guest,
by strikes as such, my armour… failed once more, lost profit!
I so blindly did deem thee a worthless opponent, could not prove it.

10. Wounds of acid

Wounds of hate pierced thee deep, but the sword and with it my remorse
have got even deeper, through thy frame, I had swiftly to jump away,
since from that gap acidic mass did flow and spout from the source,
a venomous silhouette, G-d made me foresee, and saved my lane,
depart now, Archdemon of all circles of Hell,
from me for ever, or I shall finish yee with the most mysterious and obscure spells!

Well, well, as you wish… No! Nay! Never!
Unless ye’ destroy me utterly, I hold important points
in you, can still connect to a deathwhite web-blanket endeavour,
me and honest, to be trusted? Are y’ so foolish, to hallucinations wont?
Bless oriental star, holy cross and devoted crescent, equal in G-d’s sight, celebrating together peace and weapon’s slumber!
Such a weakness, how through my blackened lips escaped an utterance inspired by inimical number?

11. Glory gifted anew

“World shall tremble as I speak!” You had proudly declared once,
when it was truly yours, through Her eyes I saw vanity
of that domination, all plains monotonous, heads of necks down bounced,
how that crumbled then, ye’ know, as well as when I deprived myself of insanity,
prime of the L-rd now gifted me with a flask of empyreal dew,
as I open it, then empty on me, while thinking about Her caress… glory appears anew!

My anointment! Brazen gutless thief of others’ dreams!
Through your petty weak former vessel I wished to reach Heaven,
how could something as insignificant as “love”, such a smallness beam,
thwart that progress and topple nice sinful hall of supreme Evil
much stronger… I shall find another way how to get it realised,
the most terrible of my attacks only awaits, to rip thy heart and peck out thy eyes!

V. Relief

1. Eyes opened again

Upon my spiritual rebirth I have removed what covered
and distracted, distorted the sights, totally blinded at first,
as even the slightest, weakest light seems a pyre, a sunrays shower,
yet no pain, nothing hurts, as heavenly verses awaken the thirst,
my heart as a protective nexus stone against reckless hate displayed,
eyes by love being lived opened wide to accept atoms of surround again.

Spread wide so swiftly, just to be closed!
My boundless wrath this day shall fall onto you and all mortals’ kin,
I will crush thy head with my feet, expose
thy frailties, to my blasphemising tongue, lick y’ wounds with spits of sin,
no one managed to deny me thus far as you, but don’t rejoice
any victory, this ain’t over, Hell summoned another voice!

2. Furious darkness

Visibility range narrowed to under-minimum, black
plunged from heinous guts all around me, remembrance
of an era my past cries not to return to, voices spake,
in searches never shown such horror, so it began in perseverance
enclosing me in fears and phobias, no real prison,
yet I felt like next to come is eternal winter season.

All colours of light fade into darkness, embrace in my fervour,
encircle that glimmering piece of scum, so he boils, in own sauce,
merely a flask of oil for insatiable hunger of hellish flames, a favour
for my contribution of forming opposites to yee, of course!
You, wretched one, called for a wasp, a monster appears
and now a fury ’ll make thee for breath unsuccessfully gasp, in berserk sealed.

3. Flood of nightmares

Countless high walls in a closed structure with bottom and top not,
a show with moving images commenced,
horses of terror, the night mares, in unimaginable number, a lot…
crops run from their maternal stems, although in advance death-sentenced,
what the mirrors now won’t reflect, it came right before me in almost sleep,
meaning to convert, invert me to the Evil’s cause, with violence deep.

Good job, my cute degenerated pets!
Hunt him, pursue, chase that future victim!
Don’t kill, just torture, prolong the torment, invite rats
and vultures, on a feast on this a soon-to-be carcass of lowest esteem!
Like a renewed one I feel when watching thy struggle and cries,
Grim Death its new coming announces, thy execution implied!

4. Illusions of torture

Line-shaped valleys on my skin, worms taking them over as nests,
mould’s teeth on the edge, menacing green,
lashes of whips from every direction, walls have claws and other limbonic guests,
if I weren’t in twain already, now cloven by splitting spleen,
morbid indulgence for you, who revels in every subject’s suffering, sanguineous butcher,
who could recognise nothing of it existed, cheated by illusions of torture?

Afraid like a little human child, when it watches a spider’s play,
asylum equals prison, and that means internment in a coffin of ages,
racking thy body till every member decides to go separate way,
or a comfortable iron maiden meant as a cradle of filthy pages,
pendulum blade swinging from side to side,
till it peels you of thy serenity hide!

5. Temptation of false divinity

Distant, seemingly helping hand stretches out,
offering sympathy in torment, as I touch, it tears off my fingers,
one by one, fooling each time, contagion about
to infect where it can get to, opens the gate and here for a while lingers,
a sinister laughter of successful temptation to infinity
ill, a fanatic lure of false divinity.

If I would ever die, it would be from your state,
you’re a jest of thy power, fearful pet of cruel master,
a puppet in black widow’s web, all paralysed in wait
for the mandibles of the crawler, who eats faster
than the victim can say anything, I’ve only used the idea of false apples,
they tried it on me and my kin, I pay it back, give up, you won’t win in this grapple!

6. Slave shall serve and obey

Shackled hands, chains where I look, can’t move
nor speak, because of your machination, ophidian slaveholder,
overseer of ancient Sethian kingdom, thou hast proved,
no heart, only a mass of stone and immense pride, vultures on thy shoulder,
keeping me in my own blood, but your self not coming closer, afraid of Light
I still hold inside, weakening the ultimate control of evil blight.

You’re a slave, so watch y’r tongue now, no cry!
Under my rule, prepare for new conversion,
stare at thy… Light… as it fades, at wings – withering dry,
for such disobedience your punishment shall be eternal bond of convulsion!
Yee shall server me even more devoutly than ever before,
unwillingly, yet with enormous zeal, envisions of Hell galore!

7. Ill-control denied

Blessed Light starts to glow, heat rising, pulsar glare
temperature in empyreal heights, even adamant loses,
whatever plan yee had, to failure destined, as much as you want, outblare,
She talked to me, and me to Her, a dialogue distracting from imaginary torment abuses,
no conversion shall take place, defiance’s renewed, untied,
your ill-control, where love resides, inevitably ’ll be denied.

Turmoil in my plans, another one down,
looks like I’ll have to try the last, the most desperate of options,
open my chest and bowels, release one more Hell and its spawns,
and at least kill you till total disintegration,
if my army won’t be lead by you, then Heaven
say farewell to thy child, lost and discovered, by abysmal mouth now eaten!

8. Desperate onslaught

The heaviest of waves arrived, made of first, second,… millionth one,
countless like an ocean of stars, a burning multitude swarms,
storms all around, thunder covers in panic, so does the sun, away runs,
the crimson red has never been so dreadful, nor could it do such a harm,
but G-d helped me also this time, blessed my sword and granted me David’s holy shield,
thus armed, with abilities used, the army vanquished… the banner of victory I wield!

So it was you who decapitated that behemoth in the Netherworld then?
But not only that beast, also those hordes and restored scepter and Hades’ rule?
I see the only one who I fooled was myself in the end…
Somehow, I should keep my essence inside you,
desperate onslaught didn’t succeed, more refined way I shall find,
so you can’t cut what I prepare to bind!

9. Heart within heart

Lost some burdens on the spirit, I felt featherlight and started to fly,
to meet Her once again, for a long time we were forced to be apart,
but for the future to continue, I had to undergo this kind of purge, and the sky
aroused to sound the trumpet and drums, so the clouds can clear the way for true art,
She lendest me Her precious heart to dwell within me, core within core,
in our chests both pairs of lungs breathe, love’s on increase, such a soul I adore.

Can’t even look at that disgust!
My eyes too dark, it blinds me, it hurts and evokes old hate,
rather than to witness how it’s fulfilled, I would turn to trembling dust,
that was the force-field blocking the venom to enter the inner heart’s rooms, wait
which made me to make an ass of myself, still my tendrils hold,
not willing to depart from warmingly cold nest of rotten gold.

10. Step together into the forgotten Jewel

Now I call on you – my dear, whose name given was Queen,
enigmatic and maybe even not real label, but even Heaven doesn’t know,
let me guide you to where human race used to dance in eternity between,
a place only one living being, on a great journey visited briefly and soon had to descend back below,
our unbreakable connection saved both me, and through also all else,
accept my proposal, dear Diamondess, and step with me together into the forgotten Jewel, abandon all Hells.

Once easily conquered, here for me lost forever,
you and that whore, who escaped my attention,
She led to my defeat, something unpredictable, an entropia of always, sometimes and never,
and how could even the wisest blacksage of Pandaemonium foresee and mention
that my most devoted servant will turn to be my bane,
another fall, forsaken and ashamed again, I cry, I roar insane!

11. Swear fruits of the defeated

Look up and forget bowing down to evil path,
remember what we crossed and keep this image ever-clean!
A desert bread, fresh wine, temple-oil, all-present candles or other signs, a divine math,
yet in humans there’s the result of universe equation, sense and means…
Thank Thee, L-rd, my G-d, or however the others may apostrophe you,
with Thy aim I cannot lose, and with Her mere presence, the memories carved in time-flow tune.

Curse what lives and lived, decay what wears flesh,
decapitate and behead the walking creatures, and dim all sight,
merely an effing jester race strolling under colonnades of cards, a lash
of balrog’s whip wipe yee as crops, then stomp and salt, a rule of Evil might,
one day we shall confront each other again, but one more gift awaits,
of a special kind, will follow thee throughout all thy days!


The evil fetus from me has fled defeated to its very sin,
I earned my freedom, honour and embraced finally my Love,
nevermore I shall fight for you, dark master within!

I shall track yee, hunt brutally down, as soon as thou growest weaker, a gory feast,
when You and your dear bitch will end up as my food and drink, swilling it your remains above,
I curse Yee with the Mark of Hellrain, in the name of the Number of the Beast!

by Raziel X

Dark Master Within...


Galanta, Slovakia

  • Artist

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