Rayvn Navarro is an American artist and author who is a native of Denver, Colorado. As a child she was encouraged by her father, an artist himself, to paint and draw. She also picked up on what turned out to be a life-long passion for myths, legends, the stars and beliefs of people from ancient cultures. Both her art and her writing express these interests as she attempts to unravel their mysteries.

Having grown up when she did, she had a last fleeting glimpse of frontier life from people introduced to her by various members of her extended family. They were old and their hair was white, and they had plenty of stories to tell. Most of her life has been looking into the cultures of people on the other side of the world, but now she returns to the place where she was born – the places where her family lived and died and the people who lived there before them to bring a new dimension to her works.

Ms. Navarro works primarily in 3D modeling programs, fractals and digital art programs to create her art.


  • Joined: April 2011