Why Smoking is “Good” for you?

1. You never get lung infection, because it is never diagnosed in time. Since, you are coughing most of the time due to smoke inhalation, you never realize that “this new” cough is either due to regular smoking or due to an INFECTION or even a Lung CANCER.
2. You know when you will need to visit the toilet. Because after a few years of smoking, without a cigarette, you won’t be able to shit.
3. You (women especially) can easily develop DVT, ie: Deep Venous Thrombosis. Yeah, that’s cool, but what is that? It means that your veins in your legs get a clot (thrombus).
• It also means that the clot, and usually there are Many clots that can just break off and travel firstly to your Heart, and cause a Heart attack.
• But maybe you’re a lucky fellow, so the clot moves on and lands up in your Lung’s blood vessels and you could develop Pulmonary Embolism, that’s like a Lung attack. Pretty bad stuff.
• But hey, you are really lucky and the clot doesn’t gets stuck their either and travels back to your heart for a second Heart attack.
• Lets say, you’re the luckiest person on earth and the clot doesn’t block any of those blood vessels and moves on from your Heart and now to your BRAIN.
• But maybe just maybe this time you were luckier than 700,000 people in the year 2007, and the clot didn’t hurt you. You’re so lucky, wow !
• Hey, but… but… that was just ONE CLOT ???
4. The best reasons are still to come. This one is cool… Since you Love smoking so much, lets talk about LOVE MAKING ! What do you think how does smoking help you with that? Go on take a good guess, your best shot.
• Wife: Honey, I think we should get a divorce, yes I need a Divorce.
• You: Ummmm… huh… what… but why?
• Wife: You DON”T SATISFY me anymore. And I’m seeing someone else (ie: someone who can satisfy her, ahem…)
• You: I try dear, believe me I TRY, but I don’t know why but I just can’t…
• Wife (now ex- wife): I Love you honey, but I am leaving, BYE.
5. Hey don’t think I’m out to get you guys only, smoking is good for women too. Especially when they are PREGNANT.
• It’s good for the mother as we all know, but it’s even better for her baby, if the poor thing is born ALIVE. Suppose that the Baby is born Alive, that’s great news, congrats, but what’s the weight, what… are you serious… how can that be.
• Baby is half the weight of a normal baby. But why? Why my baby?
• What’s that… Baby is Underdeveloped… huh… can DIE due to immaturity. What… When… anytime… Oh Nooooooo !!!!! Baby’s no more 

6. By the way if you don’t smoke when you’re pregnant, but your Husband does. It’s the Same or Worse. Because now Both You and Your Baby are PASSIVE smokers, which if you didn’t know is Worse.
• When somebody near you smokes a cigarette, he breathes in poison through a filter, not that it’s of any good. But that’s what the cigarette companies say. Huh!
• But the cigarette while being inhaled by you gives out something worse for the Nearby Person and You.
• You want to know some of the 4000 chemicals from a single cigarette. There are 69 known carcinogens (cancer causing) such as formaldehyde, lead, arsenic, benzene, and radioactive polonium 210, and many many many more.
• This is also known as secondhand smoke (SHS) or environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), just for your information ;-)

7. Wait, there’s more… So, you didn’t smoke when you/wife was pregnant. Man, you’re the best. You saved your child’s life… God bless you! So now can you smoke, of course, why not, it will not harm your baby, right? Yeah, your child is growing up and there is one thing that Children and Monkeys have in common, guess what?
• Wow, you’re smart, yeah… They COPY !!!!!
• So, your smoking will lead to theirs and their children and theirs (if they Survive that is)
• You want to be responsible for all that, wow… you’re so smart and brave.
8. Ok, ok so do you know enough. Yeah. But wait there’s more. LUNG CANCER. Lets see some Multiple choice questions, that doctors answer in exams. Let’s see how much you know?
• Most common cause of Lung Cancer(overall) – Smoking (easy)
• Most common cause of Lung Cancer in men – Smoking (easy too)
• Most common cause of Lung Cancer in women – Smoking (hey, that’s new)
• Most common Cancer to cause Death in men (smokers)– Lung Cancer (mmmm…)
• Most common Cancer to cause Death in women (smokers) – Lung Cancer (whoa…)
• So how did you fair? Easy isn’t it. Good, make it easier for doctors to answer such questions. Now for some other stats…
• In 2007 more than 200,000 people developed Lung Cancer (you could be one of them in 2008 or 2009 or…)
• In 2007 more that 160,000 people DIED of Lung Cancer. Interesting huh… just compare the numbers. I’m shocked !!!
• Death can occur from Lung Cancer within a few months !!! You want to do that to your family?
• By the way, Smoking can cause other Cancer’s as well. Duh !!! You knew that, right.
9. Enough of all the Good stuff, how about some Bad stuff, go on hit me!
• If you decide to QUIT smoking, when and how are pretty big questions. To convince yourself is another big one.
• First you have to be STRONG, don’t give up. There is such a thing as WILL POWER, Use It.
• Once you have decided, the question is When? And the Answer is NOW !!! yes NOW !!!
• If you think you can stop smoking by smoking less everyday, you’re wrong. Some have done it but most will fail. You HAVE to STOP smoking TODAY.
• Yes, there will be withdrawal symptoms, your body will crave for the nicotine that you have been giving it regularly. But be STRONG, hold back the urge, eat something instead, go out, exercise for God’s sake.
• Symptoms can be different, but you might have the worst cough of your life (that your body throwing out all the junk you have been inhaling). You could get sick, have a fever, nausea, vomiting (getting rid of toxins in your body). You might be constipated (take some mild laxative instead).
• The Human body is an Amazing thing. Even after abusing it for several years, it Fights Back and helps get rid of junk, and improves you health.
• All the symptoms will pass and you will feel much BETTER, HEALTHY and lots of GOOD, CLEAN, PURE ENERGY. Your STAMINA will return. You will be a STRONGER person. Your face will be RADIANT, skin will Improve, and…

Article by:
Dr. Ravi Tahilramani
Email: drravitahilramani@gmail.com

Why Smoking is “Good” for you?


Melbourne, Australia

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An article for general awareness… Even if one person quits smoking after reading this, it was worth it…
Thank you for reading…

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