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The other week I managed to pick up an early copy of Erich Von Daniken’s infamous book Chariots of the Gods, for 20c, bargain. I believe lots of men and hard work built the pyramids, however, many think their was some kind of alien intervention in their construction, which I guess, is something one thinks might be a viable alternative, it would have been one hell of a job for any amount of men.

I’ve seen the websites with pictures of what looks like flying saucers in the backgrounds, very odd but in the end appear to be interpretations of stars, planets and Gods. It can bend your mind reading this stuff and really have you thinking about how rational you consider life to be…

The types of evidence von Däniken cites can be categorized as follows:

The tomb of Mayan ruler Pakal (603-683 CE) in Palenque, Mexico. Interpreted by von Däniken as depicting an astronaut in his spaceship.The existence of structures and artifacts have been found which represent higher technological knowledge than is presumed to have existed at the times they were manufactured. Däniken maintains that these artifacts were produced either by extraterrestrial visitors or by humans who learned the necessary knowledge from them. Such artifacts include the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge, and the Moai of Easter Island. Further examples include a medieval map known as the Piri Reis Map, allegedly showing the Earth as it is seen from space, and the Nazca lines in Peru, which he explains as landing strips for an airfield.

Statue from the late Jōmon period (1000 – 400 BC) in Japan, interpreted by Daniken as depicting an alien visitor.Interpretations of ancient artwork throughout the world as depictions of astronauts, air and space vehicles, extraterrestrials, and complex technology. Däniken also describes elements that he believes are similar in art of unrelated cultures.

The Nazca lines (200 BCE – 700 CE) in Peru, interpreted by Daniken as landing strips for alien visitors.Explanations for the origins of religions as reactions to contact with an alien race, including interpretations of the Old Testament of the Bible. According to von Däniken, humans considered the technology of the aliens to be supernatural and the aliens themselves to be gods. Däniken asks if the oral and literal traditions of most religions contain references to visitors from stars and vehicles travelling through air and space. These, he says, should be interpreted as literal descriptions which have changed during the passage of time and become more obscure. Examples such as: Ezekiel’s revelation in Old Testament, which he interprets as a detailed description of a landing spacecraft with angels in the likeness of man. Moses and the directions ‘God’ gave him to construct the Ark of the Covenant, which is assumed to be a communication device with an alien race. Lot and his extended family being ordered by human like ‘angels’ to go to the mountains, due to the destruction of the city of Sodom by God. His wife looked back at the possible nuclear explosion, and fell “dead on the spot”. Däniken attempts to draw an analogy with the “cargo cults” that formed during and after World War II, when once-isolated tribes in the South Pacific mistook the advanced American and Japanese soldiers for gods.

Chariots of the Gods – Wiki

Small Town Visitor Stock Street by stalkystock


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Vanessa Barklay is RavenMadd, accomplished digital artist who has sold work on and off Red Bubble, lives in Far Nth Queensland, Australia – specializing in Fantasy, Mythology, History and Space inspired artworks.

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  • Hugh Fathers
    Hugh Fathersalmost 3 years ago

    Lovely stuff Vanessa . . .
    I remember reading Erich’s books back when I was a teenager (such a long time ago now . . .)
    They seemed to make sense, that was until you delved a little deeper. . . lol

  • Thanks heaps Hugh! Yes, it’s very impressionable stuff, that’s for sure! :O)

    – Vanessa Barklay

  • Craig Hitchens - Spiritual Digital Art
    Craig Hitchens...almost 3 years ago

    Cool! Loving this one!

  • lol couldn’t help myself! Thanks so much for enjoying and commenting Craig! :O)

    – Vanessa Barklay

  • Aleksandar Topalovic
    Aleksandar Top...almost 3 years ago

    lol fantastic creation
    very clever girl!

  • Why thank you Aleksandar my good man!! :O)

    – Vanessa Barklay

  • Vanessa Barklay
    Vanessa Barklayalmost 3 years ago

  • © Kira Bodensted
    © Kira Bodenstedalmost 3 years ago
  • I’m thrilled this one caught your eye, thanks so much! :O)

    – Vanessa Barklay

  • Nadya Johnson
    Nadya Johnsonalmost 3 years ago

    Awesome artwork and a great write up, Vanessa!! Have you seen the series, “Ancient Aliens?” (History Channel, I believe). GREAT series ~ very well researched! A topic which has fascinated me for many years. I also have many books on the subject and I think the evidence is overwhelming: either there was early contact with advanced people from another world, or the human race itself was far more advanced in ancient times than we, or mainstream archaeologists believe ~ or both! This is definitely among my faves!

  • Yay that you enjoyed this one Nadya, I think it’s possible that we were somewhat more advanced than we know of, they keep finding things that push everything back further and further. Yes, I’ve seen that show and have also read alot, my imagination went wild! lol Big thanks my fellow ancient history mysteries loving friend! :O)

    – Vanessa Barklay

  • Tony Ryan
    Tony Ryanalmost 3 years ago

    Wonderful thoughts you have shared here. I think that much of human nature is about ignorance in that we accept what we see of life but are not realy inspired. I believe that it is far healthier to go deep in thought and to find inspiration from the depth. Also really cool that you picked up such a stimulating book for 20c. I have had this happen to me a few times and it gives me faith that there is more to life and that there is a force that wants us to delve deeper to find this out.

  • Hi Tony, thanks alot for enjoying this and my thoughts on the subject, one I think about maybe more now that 2012 is nearing us…lol, which began as something I wanted to know about and found everything flow on from, it’s like God or such, for people who have experienced it, it’s a very real alternative, I haven’t seen either but I can’t say they are not existing, maybe my encounter just hasn’t occurred yet… :O) Cheers mate.

    – Vanessa Barklay

  • Nadya Johnson
    Nadya Johnsonalmost 3 years ago

    Your very thought provoking artwork is Featured at Cutting Edge!

    (Permanent Feature Page)

    Congratulations, Vanessa!

  • Wow Nadya, I must have missed this wonderful honour, thanks so much!! :O)

    – Vanessa Barklay

  • Elaine Bawden
    Elaine Bawdenalmost 3 years ago

    VERY cool!!! :)))

  • Thanks for enjoying it and letting me know Elaine! :O)

    – Vanessa Barklay

  • Dean Bailey
    Dean Baileyalmost 3 years ago

    Wow; unique work.

  • Thanks a lot Dean, glad you looked! :O)

    – Vanessa Barklay

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